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left to right taken on 02/06/2008;

  • Mouth of the estuary open to the sea.
  • Bokmakierie Park which is part of the Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve.
  • The park area where the annual Kite festival is held.
  • Park Island
  • The Westlake Wetlands with Westlake and Keysers Rivers entering Zandvlei
  • A view of Zandvlei from the north end looking south towards Simons Town in the distance.

photograh by Steve Davis

Bottom left is the small bay at the Imperial Yacht Club (celebrating its centenery in 2006) and Peninsula Canoe Club. The large island is Park Island, to its left is Wildwood Island and the small one is Australia  Island. The canals of the Marina da Gama can be seen behind the islands. In the background is the M5 freeway (Prince George Drive).
This photo was taken from Steenberg peak in the summer of 2004 - 2005.

photograh by Gordon Richardson

The view of Zandvlei in the foreground, Princessvlei to the north east on the left, Rondevlei in the centre and Zeekoevlei the larger water body off centre. On the right hand side is the Strandfontein Waste Water Works. One can just make out the pans formed in a wagon wheel. Strandfontein is the 5th most important birding area in South Africa, for species and number counts.
Taken from the top of Muizenberg Mountain in the spring of 2004.

This is a view from the sea, looking north towards the back of Table Mountain and Table Bay in the background.
Zandvlei is the dark water body on the left. Prince George Drive (M5) with its junction at the Sunrise Circle, is in the centre. The water body on the right is Rondevlei a nearby sister Nature Reserve. The mouth of Zandvlei is open to the sea, indicating this is a winter photograph. Part of the Muizenberg beach is in the foreground.

This view of Zandvlei is looking south towards Simons Town in the distance.
Lakeside is on the right, notice the railway line and Main Road. The Marina da Gama and Park Island on the left, Muizenberg at the top and the Zandvlei Nature Reserve and the Nursery at the bottom.
Photograph was taken in 2000.


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