Zandvlei Trust

New Doggy Phoo Bins at Zandvlei estuary.

photographs by David Muller

"Hey guys whats this"?                                          "Looks like a box".

The pride of Muizenberg is often put to shame when someone finds themselves in the "poo". This ongoing challenge is nearing its end and it's thanks to;

for their initiative. No longer will that pleasant evening stroll along the banks of Zandvlei be blotted with smelly dog's excrement.

A dark green recycled plastic Doggy Phoo Bin has been placed on the grass park east of the vlei; the side where most dog lovers excercise their best friends. All one needs to do should their dog defacate on the grass is to retrieve a recycled plastic bag from the small covered box, pick up the offending litter and place it in the bigger box of the recycled plastic bin.

"Who put it here"?                                                 "Come and check out the new Doggy Phoo Bin".

Dog poo is not good for the soil around the vlei as the content is leeched into it depositing undesirable nutrients thereby altering biodiversity in the area. It is not good for your and or anyone elses shoes either.

More bins are envisaged and the dog loving public are urged to remove their dog's excrement or they may find themselves having conversations about dogs in more legal terms, as dogs should really be on leashes when walking in certain places around the city. 
Dogs need to be rewarded with good walks for they often send criminals packing. These walks can be made more friendly if doglovers clean up after them.

David Muller.


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