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Annual  Spring Flowers

This is the corner of Main Road and Old Boyes Drive on 22nd September 2001.

Please dont mow the daisies!!! or 'please dont eat the daisies',
many people do not realise that the wonderful Spring flowers on the pavements and sidewalks are annual flowers.
This means the plants must go through the full cycle of growing the stems and the leaves, the flowers and the important growth phase of the seed producing parts. This is often when the flowers are past the best as a display. The plants may be whithering and drying up and not very attractive. The important thing is they are producing the seed stock required for the next year. Diversity of species, as many different types of plants as possible is the goal we should be aiming for, if we wish to have a healthy and abundant flower or plant display. If the areas with flowers are mowed before producing their seed stock, they will not grow the following year and are in danger of disappearing from their location for ever. People who can remember say in the last decade the number of species has declined. So if or when you are tempted to phone the Municipality and instruct them to mow the unsightly verges, please consider the consequences. Not all people like the uniform 'short back and sides'. Remember it may be your conditioning that prompts you to think this way.
There is a very different approach to 'Kikuyu lawns', (originally from the African tropics) which grow very quickly after the winter rains. By all means request or have these lawns mowed when they appear to be long or untidy.This grass is an aggressive, invasive, water consuming plant that eventually dominates and creates a monocultral environment. This means it excludes all other plants because it takes all the nutriants.
Owners of property who propergate and encourage the Spring flowers on their open spaces should be applauded.
It is important to differentiate between the two types of open space coverings and be tolerant for a short phase of the season.
If you are not sure when to mow the verges contact anyone of the Zandvlei Trust executive committee members (see details in Contacts), who would be glad to advise you.

Look at these local pavements also on 22nd September 2001.

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