Zandvlei Trust


C.A.P.E Award to The Zandvlei Trust and the Zandvlei Nature Reserve
on  the 7th June 2005.

(C.A.P.E Cape Action for People and the Environment)

Erika Foot (The Manager of the Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve) made a presntation to the C.A.P.E. Conference on the 7th June 2005, on behalf of Zandvlei Trust.
In her talk she highlighted the working relationship, that her Reserve has with our members and various Task Teams. 
In particular Environmental Education, and how over the years knowledge, materials, organisational help and raising funds has benefitted the local school children community.

She had some live animal specimens to illustrate her talk, which was vey well received. For her presentation she received this Certificate of Recognition, 1 of 5 out of 150 presentations, over the 2 day Conference.
The Conference delegates voted for the recipients of the Certificates.
Thank you and well done Erika we all appreciate it.


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