Zandvlei Trust

The Cape Bird Club 'Weeders'

A working partnership with the City of Cape Town and The Cape Bird Club.

The Cape Bird Club 'hackers' have been helping to keep the 'exotic plants' such as Port Jackson, Rooikrans, Long Leaf Accacia, Black Wattle and Manatoka under control for about 23 years in the Zandvlei Nature Reserve.

Click to see an article on the history.

We used to use chainsaws, handsaws, machettes to cut down the large trees some as tall as 5 meters. Since, the then Nature Reserve Manager Clifford Dorse, introduced a management control plan to rid the Reserve of 'exotic plants and trees' our job has become a lot less physical. We have become known as the 'Weeders' and not the 'Hackers.' 

The seedlings grow long and spindly in amoungst the reeds and have to be pulled or dug out.

Loosening the roots with a fork or spade.

Tea afterwards in the 'Scirpus Hut' out of the wind. Una Hartley's famous "Herman or friendship cake' is always enjoyed with her tea/coffee, she has shared for many years with all the 'weeders or hackers'.

Click to see a picture of previously cleared area.

We spend a couple of hours on the first Saturday afternoon of each month at 14h00 in the fresh air, there is the opportunity to walk around afterwards and enjoy the the Nature Reserve and its creatures with like minded people. We have fun, do not take it too seriously but also pride ourselves on doing a good job.


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