Zandvlei Trust

9th International Muizenberg Kite Festival 2002
held on 27th and 28th April 2002 at Zandvlei, convened by the Cape Mental Health Society.

Saturday was a warm sunny day with a variable 'berg wind' warm land to sea wind, preceeding a cold front. The wind only picked up in the late afternoon, to really get the big kites airborne.
Sunday was cloudy and cooler with a strong 'North Wester' blowing all day, preceeding the cold front approaching.
Everyone had fun flying, watching and admiring the kites. There was even a motorized paraglider who demonstrated his flying skills and a land yacht scooting across the lawns. The Flying Circus trapeze artists were flying through the air as well.
People came from all parts of Cape Town to be at Zandvlei for the International Kite Festival. Many schools from across the Cape Flats came to compete in the Kite making competition. 

Everyone enjoyed themselves.

These wonderful kite faces were certainly different from the other school enteries.

What on earth are these red prickly things?

The motorized paraglider landing gracefully.           The red bear.

The children had a wonderful time competing with their team kites.

Spinning wheels.

A sky full of kites.

Every conceivable shape and colour that could fly was there.

Mr Crocodile 

This wheel kite was a handful for the guy in the green shirt.

Another school kite entry.

Whats new pussycat?

The owners posing with their kite, indicating the size of the kite, to an adult.

The cat is about to pounce.

The kite arch.

They fly through the air with the greatest of ease. The Flying Circus Trapeze artists entertaining the crowds with their flying ability.

The pollution free and economical fun way to travel around.

Flying cushions.

Is this a new species of dragonfly at Zandvlei?

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