Zandvlei Trust

10th International Kite Festival 2003 at Muizenberg
 20th and 21st September 2003 at Zandvlei, convened by the Cape Mental Health Society.

Saturday was a cold and blustery day with intermittent rain showers from the north west. Many people sheltered in the tent when the rain came down. The weather did improve as the day went on.
Sunday the wind swung from south west to south east and became an ideal day, with many families and their dogs, visiting Zandvlei. There was a "special feeling" the sun was warm, the breeze enough to keep the kites in the air and the atmosphere was peaceful yet exciting for the children young and old.

                                                                                          Ludine Lee Wright with David Osborne and his pictures.

We had a number of interested visitors to the tent to see and talk about the events and issues concerning the Zandvlei Trust members. The Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve stand received great interest too. Clifford Dorse and Adele Pretorius were in attendance.
Charles and Julie Oertel had their "FinebushPeople" products for sale which were very popular. .
Local artist David Osborne and the Muizenberg High School had artworks for sale. There were beautiful hand painted table cloths, place mats and cushion covers for sale as well.
All of this was organised and co - ordinated by Ryan Hill, Ludine Lee Wright and Steve Davis with some help from others.

Steve Davis one of the organisers of our tent display at the FinebushPeople stand.

These beautiful kites were made from recycled materials only. All retrieved from the dustbin. To prove the kites can fly, they were sent up over 1000 meters on a fishing rod and reel.
Zandvlei Trust supports this form of kite making, well done !!

These children had to pull these spinning tops down the lawns
to win a race against the wind.

Wow!! look at this scary dragon kite.

Some of the visitors and members at the Zandvlei Trust tent
enjoying the event.

This was a popular train ride with children and their parents.

Part of the crowd on Sunday afternoon relaxing on the lawns at 
Zandvlei enjoying the festival.


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