Zandvlei Trust

Langevlei Wetland / Canal Management maintenance.

During the first week of August 2008 contractors cut down all the reeds in the wetland as part of the maintenance management programme. The reeds had absorbed plenty of nutrients from the water and filtering the silt and sediments in the process. They had grown to over 5 meters very quickly. An important aspect is to make sure the plant matter is removed from the site so that the sediments do not become too contaminated by the excessive nutrient build up. Another management method is burning.

Reeds cut down and removed.                                The water is very clear leaving the wetland area
                                                                            compared to the water flowing straight down the canal.

The canal wall has cutouts underneath to allow        The trees planted on the island have grown well.
the high and low flow to deviate into the wetland.

Indigenous Camphor and Waterberry trees               The contractors cleaning a sump in the canal.
doing well.


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