Zandvlei Trust

Snowy Egret (Egretta thula)

Photo by Clifford Dorse

Exciting news, a Snowy Egret is at Zandvlei !  Clifford saw it on 23/04/2002 for the first time, in the canals at Langevlei and the Sand River confluence, at our new Langevlei Wetland.
It has caused quite a stir, exciting people to travel from far and wide. It has been quoted by the experts, to be the first recorded on the African Continent! This species is found in the southern areas of North America.

These were some of the people who came on 1st May 2002. The person in the foreground (dark jacket) flew down from Johannesburg just to see this bird. These are serious birders. 

segret1argus.jpg (53762 bytes)segret2argus.jpg (98276 bytes)

Click on the thumbnails above to read The Argus Newspaper Report on 2nd May 2002.

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