Zandvlei Trust

Thanks to Talcott Persent

The recent upgrading around Zandvlei in 2000.
The widening of the mouth, the reconnection of the canals on Park Island, the Westlake Pond at Main Road, Lakeside, has been a conserted effort from a few individuals. Clifford Dorse had the co-ordinated ideas and Talcott Persent helped put them into practice.

The Zandvlei Trust would like to applaud and acknowledge the assistance and input Talcott, (Engineering Department at the South Peninsula Administration), has had in the above and other conservation related projects, in the South Peninsula area. It is very encouraging to see the Engineering facility working side by side with the Conservation / Environmental Managers. The work that has been successfully completed is evidence enough. This is a very different approach compared to 'the old days'.

We wish to thank Martin Thompson and his personnel for their very positive input.


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