Zandvlei Trust

ZIMP Background and Meetings.

Members of the initial meeting at the Zandvlei Sports Club Nov 2001.



 2. Agenda and Minutes of the 'State of Zandvlei' report back,  25 July 2007.

 1. Agenda and Summary of the meeting,  21 November 2001.



Overview of the ZIMP


Category Sub-category  Variable Frequency Responsibility

1. Information Management 

ZIMP data Various ZIMP
Scientific Literature Published ZIMP
Unpublished ZIMP
2. Historical  Archival sources Documents ZIMP
Aerial photos ZIMP
Ground photos ZIMP
Oral histories  Interviews ZIMP
3. Abiotic Physical Rainfall Daily ZIMP
Water level Monthly/bi-weekly SS + ZIMP
Bathymetry Annually Others + ZIMP
Chemical   Salinity Monthly SS + ZIMP
Conductivity Monthly SS + ZIMP
pH Monthly SS + ZIMP
Chlorophyll a Monthly SS
Dissolved Oxygen Monthly SS
E. coli Monthly SS
Coliforms Monthly SS
Ammonia Monthly SS
Nitrate & Nitrite Monthly SS
O saturation Monthly SS
Phaeophytin Monthly SS
Secci depth Monthly SS + ZIMP
SRSi Monthly SS
Temperature Monthly SS + ZIMP
Phosphates Monthly ZIMP
TSS Monthly ZIMP
TK N  Monthly ZIMP
Heavy metals Annually/bi-annually ?
4. Biotic Flora Phytoplankton Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr  Others + ZIMP
Macroalgae Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr  ZIMP
Pondweed  Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr  Others + ZIMP
Halophytes Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr  ZIMP
Aquatic weeds Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr  ZIMP
Terrestrial Monthly ZIMP
Fauna Bacteriology  Monthly SS
Zooplankton Monthly Others + ZIMP
Macro-Invertebrates Monthly Others + ZIMP
Macrobenthos Feb, May, Aug, Nov Others + ZIMP
Prawns Feb, May, Aug, Nov Others + ZIMP
Tubeworms Annually (April) Others + ZIMP
Insects Annually (Sep-Oct) ZIMP
Fish Bi-annual (Jan&Jul) Others + ZIMP
Amphibians Feb, May, Aug, Nov ZIMP
Reptiles Feb, May, Aug, Nov ZIMP
Birds Monthly/annually Others + ZIMP
Mammals Feb, May, Aug, Nov ZIMP
5. Social  Utilization  Monthly ZIMP
Management interventions Continuous SS + ZIMP
Litter counts  Monthly ZIMP
Anecdotal observations Continuous ZIMP
SRP Monthly SS

( SS = Scientific Services City of Cape Town City ) 


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