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01/03/2016 - Barry Parker reports that the City's staff came to remove the fish from the Pond this morning.
Speculation is that it could be the Koi herpes virus which effected the carp in the previous year.

photograph by Barry Parker.

The first boat load to be brought to the shore.

photograph by Barry Parker.

Staff bagging the fish after collecting them from the reed beds surrounding the waterbody.

photograph by Barry Parker.

Bagged fish on the trailer. Testing will be conducted on samples collected to establish what caused
the fish die off.  The fish will be disposed of at Vissershok Landfill Site which has a hazardus waste section.

29/02/2016 - Sandra Fowkes also reports that there are dead carp near Miliatary Road bridge in the Keysers River this morning.
Joshua Gericke also reported dead fish along the northern shore of the main waterbody of Zandvlei this morning.
Barry Parker reported a boat is required to come and fetch the many more dead carp.

28/02/2016 - Barry Parker reported seeing dozens of dead carp in the Rutter Road Pond, Westlake Wetlands today. 

photograph by Barry Parker.


photograph by Barry Parker.

An adult shoe below left to indicate the size of the fish.

photograph by Barry Parker.

Seen in the reeds on the north side of the Rutter Road Pond.


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