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ZIMP Data.


Research and Scientific Articles.



Document Title. Author. Supplied
9. Development and implementation of a monitoring programme for South African estuaries.      2016. GJ Cilliers & 
JB Adams
Water Research Comission 18/05/2016.
8. Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome (EUS),
a fish disease.
Food and Agriculture Organization of
the United N
City of Cape Town. -
7. Long-term physical,
chemical and biological changes in a small, urban estuary, Rietvlei, 
Cape Town.
M Viskich, CL Griffiths, C Erasmus & S Lamberth. City of Cape Town. -
6. Estuaries of the Cape.  1982. Morant and Grindley. City of Cape Town. -

Investigating the ecology of invasive aquatic weeds at Westlake: detrimental effects and management options.    1998.
Botany Honours Project.

Sally Archibald. Prof. Timm Hoffman. -

Long-term salinity trends in Zandvlei estuary and
implications for dominant macroalgae.
Plant Ecology Honours Project.

Sara Muhl. Prof. Timm Hoffman. -

A hierarchical phytosociology of the Greater Zandvlei Area.   2006.
Ecology Honours Project.

Tim Szöke. Prof. Timm Hoffman. -

Changing land use/land cover around an urban
estuary: Implications for ecosystem functioning.

Botany Honours Project.

Sam Jack. Prof. Timm Hoffman. -
1. Citizen Science: Can Volunteers Do Real Research?
CohnSource: BioScience, Vol. 58, No. 3 (Mar., 2008), pp. 192-197Published by: University of California Press on behalf of the American Institute of Biological Sciences.
Jeffrey P.  Prof. Timm Hoffman. -


Reports, Comments and Unpublished Data.

No. Document. Author. Supplied
8. Mexican Water Lilies in the Westlake and Keysers Rivers at Zandvlei. John Fowkes. John Fowkes. 15/08/2016.
7. Influence of artificial mouth manipulation on the physicochemical characteristics of Zandvlei estuary. Kyle Maurer. Dr. David Walker. -
6. What is happening to the silting up of Zandvlei estuary part 2. Andy Killick. Andy Killick. -
5. The observed silting up of the Zandvlei estuary. Andy Killick. Andy Killick. -
4. The ZIMP -  Outline and Objectives. Prof. Timm Hoffman. Prof. Timm Hoffman. -
3. Nutient dynamics in Zandvlei.    Aug 2012. Candice Haskins. Candice Haskins. -
2. Data  - the heavy metal contamination of Zandvlei soils.    2009. Prof. Timm Hoffman. Prof. Timm Hoffman.



About  - the heavy metal contamination of Zandvlei soils.    2009. Prof. Timm Hoffman. Prof. Timm Hoffman.



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