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Social activities     (We need champions to head up these subjects.)

The different ways and when Zandvlei is used by visitors, residents, sports people need to be recorded.

Climbing the nearby mountains.

Robin Burnett taking these children from a school holiday club up the mountain above
Muizenberg during the Dec 2015 - Jan 2016 school holidays. Seen here they are above
the Muizenberg Gardens just below Boyes Drive.

They have come down Bailey's Kloof onto Boyes Drive after walking about observing
the effects of fire on the mountain.
The focus was on fire and they even had the Fire Dept personnel spray them with water
from a fire hose, which was great fun.

Scouts and Guides.

2016.       new 11/04/2016.

Kontiki "Star Wars 2016" Weekend in April 2015.

The Zandvlei Trust donated R1 500 as a contribution towards a cleaner environment and keeping plastic out of our seas. You may have heard about the plastic islands in all our oceans. They are massive areas where plastic debris is accumulated by ocean currents with billions of pieces of plastic in them.

  • The question is; how can we help stop more getting there?

  • So, what can the troops do?

Zandvlei Trust will award 3 prizes of R500 each to the three troops that come up with the best idea to help stop the plastic getting into our waters.

To qualify for the prize a troop must collect at least two bags of rubbish from the Vlei or its shores and must hand their idea in by 09h00 tomorrow Sunday morning and Zandvlei Trust will decide which are the best ideas.

Good luck with the raft building and think about how to keep the waters you are staying on tonight clean for all of us Ė you and the animals and plants that live in or around it.

Gordon Laing for Zandvlei Trust, who did his first Kontiki in 1971, handing a prize to the 
1st Camps Bay Scouts representative.

1st Muizenberg Sea Scouts representative receiving their prize.

And the 2nd Kenridge Air Scouts representative with his mask on doing the Scout shake and receiving their prize.

Suggestions were;

  • Do away with all plastic packaging in the tuck shop - especially toffee wrappers,

  • Bring schools down to the Vlei to educate them about littering,

  • Get the (Scout) Troop to put up signs that will inform people about littering.

Many troops proposed some form of a netting system to catch pollution.



Muizenberg Junior trying to find their way to the start line in a September 2013 practise.

The Muizenberg Senior team ready and waiting.

There goes the Muizenberg Junior team.

The main team!! They came 2nd.

This group of Muizenberg Scouts did some hacking in their October 
school holidays in 2002. 


Canoe racing.

Getting ready for the 3 lap event.

On the 20th April 2013 there was a race at Zandvlei see more,,,,,.


Recreational Canoeing.

Pairs canoeing.

Even a surf ski can be paddled on Zandvlei.


Kite Surfing. 

What wonderful weather for kite surfing.

Getting ready to turn around.....

......and off he goes again.

Flying through the air 3 metres above the water.

Even with a gentle breeze they can zip around.



A group of young sailors being guided from the rescue boat.

Getting ready for a mornings sailing.

We got some wind in our sails.

It is not only the boys who have fun.

The yacht with the orange sail passing the Optimists.

A lone sleek yacht racer  out on the water practising.


Sailing of another kind.

The mouth of the vlei has been deepened last week and a British galleon has slipped into Zandvlei unnoticed and is tacking inland.
Who can it be?

Have the flamingos been fired on and taken flight? 

It is a radio controlled yacht out on this wonderful July 2015 winters day.


Sea Cadets.

Snow was to be seen on the mountains behind Stellenbosch in June 2014.

...and this rowing boat is being readied for a Saturday afternoon training session.

The older boys being careful not to fall over in their full uniforms. The water is cold.

The boys had formed a chain to pass the dead Pondweed out and onto a pile being
formed on land.

The girls were also busy removing the dead Pondweed from the other launching ramp area.

He was making the best of the situation having fun while collecting the weed.

Training in the rowing boat in the bay.

The dead Pondweed material being stacked on the banks for removal.

The cadets remove the weed from parts of the bay as it hinders the boat movement and
gets tangled in the oars while trying to row. The boats require additional cleaning as the
weed sticks to the hulls and oars.

It makes a very good compost material or soil conditioning additive. Pondweed dies back in the winter months and regrows in the summer months. It is indigenous and is vital to the balance of the water quality in Zandvlei. Many of the fish species and other aquatic animals require the Pondweed for their survival in the estuary.
The ducks, coot and grebe species use it for nesting material and a food source for the ducks and coot.


School Community Projects.

Cherry Giljam reports - I have been supervising a project with James Blyth, a Sea Scout who did his 40 hours of community service in January 2014 on Park Island and Australia Island in Zandvlei, for his Springbok Service Award.

See the Report.


Cherry Giljam reports - I have been supervising a project with William Dry on Park Island. 
See the story below.

photograph by Cherry Giljam.

William with bunches of Wild Mustard he has been removing from Park Island. 
He has filled over 100 black bags so far.  Well done William!

My name is William Dry and Iím a grade 10 student at Michael Oak Waldorf School. My parents live on a farm near Plettenberg Bay and I went to a Waldorf school there until the end of 2011. I then moved to Cape Town staying with my uncle and aunt (going home for the holidays) to go to Michael Oak. I have mixed interests in sciences and arts; I am good at maths and interested in science and physics but I am also musical and have also been playing the clarinet for 4 years.

I was lead to doing community service through the Presidentís Award although I am also interested in the environment anyway. The Presidentís Award is an award offered by the government where you have to do a certain amount of work in 4 different areas: sport, skill, community service and a journey. If you complete the time/distance etc. required for each category within the time period you receive a certificate signed by the president.

All the areas except the community service I am already doing anyway. I do a martial art which counts as sport, my clarinet playing is a skill and we are going on a class camp down the Orange River later this year which my teacher says will meet the specifications of the journey. The bronze level (the first of 3 levels) is the level I am aiming to achieve this year and it requires you to do 24 hours of community service between January and November.

When I was looking around for something to do, after looking at various things and not being particularly interested in or inspired by any, I found Cherry Giljamís number on the Zandvlei Trust article on Scenic Southís website. So I called her and asked if there was anything I could do to help. She told me about an infestation of a certain type of weed on Park Island which is about to go to seed. So since the end of July I have been going there for about 2 hours a week and pulling up weeds.

So far I have been enjoying it although it can get rather tedious and make me feel a bit hopeless at times. It is good to get out of my house for a while and take a cycle over to Park Island and spent some time in the fresh air!


Cherry Giljam reports - During the June/July 2013 school holidays a number of Peninsula High Schools have encouraged their pupils to take part in community activities where they could contribute and learn.
Via the ZVT we as Friends of Park Island enjoyed the endeavours of 3 young men from Rondebosch Boys High School who collectively gave us 12 hours of their time.
So Thank you Angus Pearce, Ciall Cloete and Justin Muller. These pictures illustrate some of the activities they got involved in. Please come back again next year.

photograph by Cherry Giljam.

Clearing litter from the shoreline, where the best access was by canoe.

photograph by Cherry Giljam.

They also did some alien invasive plant removal too. This is a Brazilian Pepper 
which they are taking to the pile of removed plants and shrubs.

photograph by Cherry Giljam.

Here we are on Australia Island and about to fill up bags of litter washed up onto the shoreline.


Litter Cleanups in the Nature Reserve areas.

We need people to record the litter quantities and type to be able to manage the problem better. 

On 21/04/2016 - Barry Parker reports "Today my son in law and I removed this pile of junk the
vagrants had dumped in the north western section of the Zandvlei Nature Reserve off Promenade
Road. The "nests of junk" are spread out all over the area.The Reserve staff will remove the pile
today or tomorrow".
Thank you very much Barry and to your son-in-law.                                  updated 07/05/2016.

photograph by Barry Parker.

The first pile we tackled today.

photograph by Barry Parker.

This pile was soggy, rotting and smelly.

photograph by Barry Parker.

The cooldrink bottles help give scale to the the amount of junk discarded.

photograph by Barry Parker.

The pile bagged and ready to be collected.

Barry is a nearby concerned and pro-active resident who loves living next to the Nature Reserve.


On 06/06/2011 - World Enviroment Day and the Peninsula Paddle these visitors to from Fish Hoek and Simons Town collected a canadian canoe full of junk washed into Zandvlei via the Sand River.

photograph by Kim Kruyshaar

L to R - Jane and David Hofmeyer, Viv von der Heyden, Chris Kruyshaar, Kriss Barker, Kim Kruyshaar
and Derek Goldman.

We filled 6 bags and then had the equivalent of another four in the form of plastic crates with bottles, a 25 litre paint bucket. Part of a TV housing and 3 x computer monitor housings.


photograph by David Muller                                                                         photograph by David Muller

David Hart and Karen Cousins from the Marina cleared bags of litter July 2009, motor car bumpers, cushion seats and other junk from the northern shoreline of Zandvlei. Large amounts of litter are washed down the rivers in force as the canals were designed to move water from the "Flat areas" as quickly as possible. Our litter nets cannot hold back debris moving in this fast and powerful flow.

Sand River litter trap -
updated - updated
Sand River litter trap -
updated - updated
Sand River litter trap - 07/04/2012 updated - updated
Sand River litter trap -
updated - updated
Sand River litter trap - 13/06/2006 updated Park Island - 2008 updated
Sand River litter trap - 13/10/2001 updated Park Island - 2007 updated
- updated Park Island - 2006 updated

Sand River litter nets - 07/04/2012

updated Langevlei River litter trap - 22/05/2007 updated
Sand River litter nets - 23/05/2007 updated Western shoreline of Zandvlei updated
Sand River litter nets - 18/05/2007 updated Westlake Wetlands Garden updated
Sand River litter nets - 24/04/2007 updated Zandvlei estuary mouth area - 14/03/2010 updated


photograph by Peter Joubert                                                   photograph by David Muller

The Sand River just after the 19/05/2007 storm,     Debris being removed in July 2009.
the litternet was "drowned" as it did not have
enough floatation.
This was rectified on the 23/05/2007.

Alternative use of a home swimming pool. 

photograph by David Muller.

See what local residents have done with their swimming pool one street block from Zandvlei.


Anecdotal observations
We need people to record stories about people and personalities of the area.



The Rise of the Blue Moon Hotel by Lin Sampson.

Last twist at the Blue Moon Hotel  - Duncan Hammond wrote the musical.

Lea Road Hop - Nick Taylor recalls the days of....


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