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Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday, 21th June 2015 at 09:30 at SanParks, Cape Research Centre, Tokai.


Name Initial Organization Represented Position
Abdulla Parker AP TCT – Stormwater & Sustainability
Andrea von Guntan - CTEET -
Babalo Vala BV TCT- Stormwater & Sustainability -
Boitshekwana  Kgantsi BK WWF-TMF -
Erica Hobbs EH Friends of Kirstenhof -
Eugene Moll EM  VWC Acting Chairman 
Gavin Lawson GL Zandvlei Trust -
James Forsyth JF Friends of the Constantia Valley Green Belt -
James Rawlings JR Friends of Constantia Valley Green Belt -
Jean Fillis  JF Friends of Kirstenhof Wetlands -
John Fowkes JFo Zandvlei Trust -
Jean Fillis  JF Friends of Kirstenhof Wetlands -
Joshua Gericke JG CoCT Biodiversity Zandvlei -
Kevin Southgate KS CoCT Ward 72 -
Kevin Winter KW University of Cape Town -
Liz Brunette LB CoCT Ward 62 -
Mark Shaw MS Friends of Die Oog -
Na-eem Davids ND CoCT TCT – intern -
Sarah Chippendale SC CoCT Environmental Resource Management -
Penny East PE CoCT Ward 71 -
Richard Burns RB CoCT CoCT Green Jobs Unit -
Robyn Morton RM CoCT Environmental Resource Management -
Sarah Chippendale SC CoCT Environmental Resource Management -
Stephen Granger SG CoCT Environmental Resource Management -
Sharon McCallum SM Zandvlei Trust Secretary
Tim Godfrey TG CoCT Sports & Recreation -


EM welcomed all present to the meeting. He said that he had to leave early and MS would take over as Chair when EM leaves the meeting.

The following apologies were recorded: 
Sandra Fowkes, Melissa Tang, Brian February, Dalton Gibbs, Jenny Clover, Talcott Persent, Emma Oliver, Alvina Brand, Gideon Topley, Conrad Freshe, Brendon Fortuin, Hilton Scholtz, Louise Kinrade, Dr Mark Matthews, Candice Haskins, Justin Smit, Phillipa Huntley, Becky Stennet.

EM paged through the minutes and asked whether there were any changes required. None were recorded and the minutes were approved.

Ex item 5 – LB’s enquiry re Cllr Southgate being invited. He was. 
Ex item 6.2 – GL will advise EM of Kate Sneddon’s email address so that EM could correspond with her about the definition of a wetland. 
Ex item 6.1 – Pollsmoor participating – they were invited but no response. ND will advise EM who to send the invitiation to. 
GL / ND / EM.

LB kindly offered to provide the information as Cllr Penny East had not yet arrived.LB said that C3 is a SAP code for a service request from the City of Cape Town. 
There are four ways for citizens to request service:- 

  • On the City website using a computer or smart phone – this is the quickest way as the request goes to the depot immediately; 
  • in the navigation bar on the LH side of the home page click on “service request”. A page opens which will take one through the process to identify what kind of service and where this is needed with details etc. 
  • A reference number will be supplied for follow up purposes.
  • By email to  - giving details of what is required with your own contact details, address etc. 
  • By sms – limited to 160 characters – this ends up with someone who has to decide which department the service request must be routed to so give clear details of problem and its location. City’s Call Centre – 0860 103 089  this also ends up with someone who has to decide which department the service request must be routed to so give clear details of problem and its location. The response to direct service requests is pretty good, depending on availability of staff, equipment and vehicles. 
    However, the system is to be changed as the whole of the City’s website is being upgraded and the whole C3 system will be upgraded later this year.

Kevin Winter
- The 2016 PP took place on Sunday, 5th June – World Environment Day. 
Although Zandvlei was looking the best he had seen in the dawn light – thanks to Joshua Gericke and his team – much of the day was spent pushing and pulling kayaks through the dry canals. The condition of some of the canals was appalling but KW said that we do not understand what it is like to live alongside a canal – which is mostly backyarders who have no bins and little access to basic services. The Black River is also looking awful and he wonders whether the Kadar Asmal teams are tired. There is an enormous amount of waste reaching the oceans – a failure of human systems on our land.

Tim Godfrey – from the Department of Sports and Recreation with the City and works closely with the staff at Zandvlei Nature Reserve. 
During the holidays, between 30 and 60 learners per day are able to kayak on Zandvlei at the Reserve. JG added that ZNR sees a little over 5000 learners per annum. In addition to organising participation in the PP (24 children & 6 volunteers in 2016), he has with ZNR been part of a Women’s Wellness and Father’s Day programmes. Learners are taught on the water and they see where litter ends up. He thanked Cllr Southgate for promised funding for events to be held at Princessvlei a couple of days before the next two PPs. 
EM responded that he had no idea of the depth and breadth of these programmes and congratulated TG.EM also asked what we can learn from the information about the PP – as a Forum we could workshop and/or brainstorm for ideas to solve the problem of waste.Once again, much discussion about the ongoing solid waste problem followed with many people adding their views : 
LB said that this is clearly a solid waste problem of humans being disrespectful of their space. There are all sorts of reasons for this across the City and perhaps there could be some research into why this happens, especially in informal settlements. Maybe there are not enough bins with the one bin-one property policy. She added that it is important to speak to the communities themselves who may have ideas for solving the problem.KS added that the source of the litter needs to be identified. Some catchment areas e.g. Langevlei, are particularly bad after heavy rains. 
JR said that education is key – and particularly educating the manufacturers of packaging.EM responded that it is all about advertising and very difficult, but we also have to encourage the City to supply more bins. We need to find other solutions! LB said that the green bins on roads are a huge problem. They attract a large amount of litter and are cleared, but are overused. It is better to take our waste with us than put it in a bin at home. City is trying to work on a new programme to supply more bins. 
JG said that with the no bin policy at ZNR, there is a lot less litter around.
KS advised that in some areas bulky items, such as couches and tyres, are dumped in waterways. There are no collection days for people wishing to dispose of unwanted items – so can be dumped in a canal even if there is a drop-off close by. JR talked about his experience overseas (Holland, I think) of underground bins (which cannot be vandalised) below smaller bins on the street.SC said she knows of a trans-disciplinary approach – fresh and holistic - to environmental issues which involves City’s ERM department. She undertook to try and find out where the project is and what has been done and report back to the meeting. EM said he feels that there is something wrong with the way that basic resources, e.g. water, is managed and the planet is being destroyed by waste. More innovative ways of handling waste should be found.LB added that water and sewerage etc all require infrastructure and maintenance which is what rates pay for.EM left the meeting and MS took over as chair.JF reported that where the canals join on Military Road between the mosque and the junk yard, there is rubbish spilling over, and asked if the Councillor couldn’t get rid of the junkyard. She was advised that it has become a legal mater but is being addressed.LB said that 80% of refuse from homes is recyclable and that waste management starts at home and different options are needed.AP reminded the forum that the waste problem had been around for more than 40 years and is getting worse. All schools accept recyclables so learners can take to school. He added that we have had much deliberation and need more action!!MS asked what can we do as the ZCF. AP said he will approach Solid Waste to present to the next meeting.EH recommended that contractors must be instructed not to dump and this should be written into their contracts. JG said that they do get basic training, management, supervision and follow up. LB asked that at the time of the presentation, we also ask Willie Webb who used to run a recycling initiative at Bergvliet High School to talk about his experiences and we may get a more realistic picture. TG will speak to the secretary at Bergvliet High to contact Willy! SC / AP / TG.

7. SOURCE TO SEA UPDATE – Stephen Granger, Sarah Chippendale & Masixole Langa.
SC advised that SG had not yet arrived so she would address the meeting. She summarised the position currently developing a situation analysis which looks at developing maps and current information along the two plot river corridors (Diep River and the Prinskasteels/Keysers Rivers) whilst addressing risks and opportunities; engaging with stakeholders and trying to identify areas where interventions could begin by conducting weekly site visits and walks along the pilot corridors; still trying to get GIS information, specifically pertaining to the occurrence and location of alien invasives; looking at land use and ownership – quite a lot is owned by City and TMNP as well as some industries along the rivers. There are some companies that are interested in getting involved. · planning an “adopt a river reach “programme along the two pilot river corridors. The Diep River contains 22 schools within 500 metres of the river and the idea is for them all to get involved and take responsibility for a section close to their schools which may include monitoring. There are two possible approaches being either within the curriculum or ex-curricular. As part of the pilot project, we hope to approach Norman Henshilwood School - located along the Diep River – before rolling out the programme to other schools.LB said that the Prinskasteel runs through the Maths School and they are doing good work with technology. SC advised that the Diep River is her focus currently as part of the pilot phase of the Adopt A River Reach Programme. This school could definitely form a part of the programme at a later stage. AP advised that Solid Waste Dept has an existing education policy and that perhaps they should get involved. SC said that anyone who has an interest in attending the weekly site visits/walks is welcome to get involved, and to please contact SC for further information. The website is to be launched at Muizenberg that week and it is hoped that it will be well attended. The website address is: forward, City will take ownership of the website. LB asked SC to contact Councillors along the route regarding the awareness-raising event in September / October.
SG’s addition to the above: He apologised for being late and said he looked forward to seeing all at the website launch and as many as possible on the proposed weekly walks. Two young professionals will be completing their term in Germany between July and October as part of the Cape Town / Munich partnership. Their focus will be river restoration and promotion of cycling, and with as many activities as possible, to take back areas that may have been seen as negative. He added that Cape Town is the unofficial capital of cycling in RSA.

MS introduced this with a reminder that Die Oog has had an ongoing problem with aquatic weed. The engine was stolen out of the harevester and at times the weed has to be removed manually and there is concern about it expanding. Seven sterilised Grass Carp were introduced. There are still 6. There is concern what will happen if there is an algae bloom. They hope to set up a research project with a student to find out how grass carp impact on a small enclosed water body for remediation of water weed infestation. However there are concerns of how the carp may impact on the Western Leopard Toad breeding cycle which begins soon in August and which was particularly good last year. The carp will also need to be harvested to check that they remain sterilised and whether they are eating tadpoles and/or small frogs.JG mentioned that there is an MOU that specifically prohibits the introduction of alien species. MS says that whilst it is controversial he understands that a permit was obtained.ND added that Candice Haskins had expressed concern and asked ND to mention this at this meeting – an extract from her email follows: - She asked for Dr Mark Mathews’ contact details and ND sent her MS’s email contact so that she could make contact if she wished.

9.1. AP asked that presenters take responsibility for their presentations and send them to ND or GL so that they can go on the website. This will mean less admin and make the Forum more sustainable.
9.2. LB asked AP if he could arrange to show a previous presentation about Imizamo Yethu so that ZCF will know what the city is doing.
9.3. A brief discussion on the next agenda followed – the recycling at Bergvliet HS and the Imizamo Y. Presentation – which although a different catchment is relevant. MS requested all present to think of different ways of resolving the solid waste problem.BV introduced himself and said talked about the dumping issues. He said that research is needed to find out it happens particularly in informal settlements. 9.4. JF asked that newcomers introduce themselves at the beginning of a meeting.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING - The next meeting was set for the 25th OCTOBER 2016.

10. CLOSING OF MEETING - MS thanked all those present and closed the meeting. 
SG, who had arrived after SC’s presentation said he wished to add a few words to what she had said – see above at end of item no. 7.


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