Zandvlei Trust

The Zandvlei Protected Areas Advisory Committee (ZPAAC).

ZPAAC meeting of 17 June 2015 - Report by Sandra Fowkes.

Overview: The meeting was attended by the core group who had participated so loyally in ZEMF plus 3 new bodies. It felt a constructive and upbeat session with a big vision (and challenge) emerging for unlocking the value of the vlei/estuary through making it even more attractive for paddling and yachting. This could be a way to generate the attention and funding to improve how it is managed for conservation.

Present: Organisations represented were: PCC – paddlers; IYC – yachties; Cape Bird Club; Sea Cadets; ZVT.

Govt staff: City Biodiversity, Transport and Sustainability;
New participants were CTEET, CapeNature, Muizenburg and Lakeside Ratepayers Assoc.

Apologies: Cape Piscatorial Association

Absent: MdGA

Powerpoint presentations were given on “What is the PAAC?” “ZEMF and its legacy” and the “Peninsula Canoe Club and what it needs from Zandvlei”. Copies will be put on the ZVT website as will the minutes of meetings so that the operation of the ZPAAC will be transparent to anyone who makes the effort to go to the website. (once again Thankyou ZVT and Gavin Lawson)

Each non-government interest group gave a presentation on their organisation and their interest in ZENR.
My bit on ZVT was:
Zandvlei Trust aims to promote the conservation of the indigenous fauna and flora of Zandvlei and to enhance the natural resource for the benefit of all. It is a civil society, volunteer and apolitical organisation with an Executive Committee; it has a Constitution and is a registered non-profit organisation. It has been in existence for 27 years and has a small but dedicated band of members. the Trust continuously lobbies for better management of the vlei. As such ZVThas been an active member of ZEMF from its development and inception. The excellent ZVT website has hosted information about ZEMF and minutes of every meeting and key documents are present on the website. The desired outcome for ZVT participation in ZPAAC is that the sound foundation built by ZEMF will be further developed to enable the estuary to function as well as it can in the longer term. ZVT is committed to support outcomes and agenda of EMA in an informed way to improve mgmt. but no rubber stamping! ZVT welcomes PAAC providing an “umbrella” body to see and act on the challenges of the vlei and surrounds – especially the catchment.

The Constitution and Code of Conduct were accepted in principle with the intention to test them in the course of the coming meetings and to put forward to the City whatever amendments were thought necessary.

Damian Gibbs (IYC) was unanimously elected Chair and Mike Miller (PCC) Vice Chair.


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