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Source To Sea - exploring our Catchment with GIS

28 April 2009 Three sections of the trail completed.


Adopted Theme
The concept was based on the RAMSAR 2009 Upstream Downstream World Wetlands Day theme for this year. Also the Source to Sea river management plan for the Princesskasteel River, which falls in part of the Sand River Catchment area.


The Route
The route followed by the 3 groups.


George Davis (SANBI Urban Conservation) filmed and recorded the event by rushing all over the peninsula following the participants in Group A, Group B and Group C. He also recorded an interview session with the nominated group representatives.

George giving instructions for the filming of the interview.

This overview of the lunch time report back by all the groups at the Muizenberg pavilion, where all the groups finished, had lunch and did a report back session.

Participants of  Groups A & B & C.


Group A


High School / Org.

John Nyamunda (Teacher) Muizenberg
Suzanne Short (Teacher) Crestway
Jayd Scholtz Bergvliet
Jason Hewitson Bergvliet
Colyn Bourhill Bergvliet
Terri-Lee Tito Bergvliet
Lauren-Lee Solomons Crestway
Riesaan Kenny Crestway
Tashwin Bailey Crestway
Geo Vioolenti Crestway
Rodwell Ndlovu Muizenberg
Stephanie Bam Muizenberg
Ville Vehmaa Muizenberg
Anke Theron  Zwaanswyk
Grant Jaftha Zwaanswyk
Harold Hendricks Zwaanswyk
Minette Pieterse  Zwaanswyk
Leighan Mossop TMNP
Patricia Holmes CoCT Biodiversity
Virgil Jacobs Working for Wetlands
Sue  ZVT and Garmin


Group B


Group C


High School / Org.

Name High School / Org.
Jody Hartzenberg (Teacher) Crestway Tim Le Mesurier  (Teacher) Bergvliet High School
Desiree Fischer (Teacher)  Muizenberg Louis Boshoff  (Teacher) Zwaanswyk
Jaimee Van der Westhuizen Bergvliet Daniel Cudlipp Bergvliet
Nuhaa Amardien  Bergvlietl Stephen Moser Bergvlietl
Nicholas Wood Bergvliet Alex Rebelo Bergvliet
Julian Gouws Crestway Aldean Blythe Crestway
Samantha September Crestway Logan Theron Crestway
Shelley-Ann Rhode Crestway Tiaan Douman Crestway
Gabiebah April Muizenberg Chesney Allen Muizenberg
Gerard Seymour  Muizenberg David Stuurman Muizenberg
Rizia Harris Muizenberg  Nathaneal Diedericks Muizenberg 
Shannon-Lee Newman  Muizenberg  Estiaan Gouws Zwaanswyk
Allistair Jacobs Zwaanswyk Francois Oosthuizen Zwaanswyk
Anreich Esterhuysen Zwaanswyk Thomas Fluks Zwaanswyk
T C Nortje  Zwaanswyk Mark Arendse CoCT Zandvlei N Reserve
Andrea Gordon WESSA Romeo Paulse CoCT Zandvlei N Reserve
Patrick Dowling WESSA Ian McCallum Zandvlei Trust
Alan Penfold  Lourens River
 Conservation Society
Sharon McCallum Zandvlei Trust
Janine Penfold Drakenstein Municipality Gavin Lawson Zandvlei Trust


Muizenberg Pavillion Lunch and Report Back
Then to the lunch and to start working on the group presentations and the filmed interviews.

Group A Stephanie Bam relating her experience    Group A Rodwell Ndlovu interviewing Lauren Lee
for the rest of her class back at school.                  Solomons.

Group B Samantha September telling all what      Group C Estiaan Gouws answering a question by
she learnt. Nuhaa Amardien waiting her turn.           Stephen Moser. Aldean Blythe also part of the team.
Jayd Scholtz is the interviewer.                              George Davis the film and sound man.
                                                                           Karen Watkins, journalist from the Constantia Bulletin
                                                                           a local community newspaper making notes.

Alice (Ally) Ashwell and Lindie Buirski.                    Leighan Mossop, Andrea Gordon and Roshan Stanford
                                                                            enjoying the wonderful ice cream.

Group A with Colyn Bourhill giving their                 Group B relating their experiences told by Gerard
presentation with co-presenters Minette Pieterse,     Seymour and Anreich Esterhuysen.
Jason Hewitson and Harold Hendricks. 

Group C doing their report back.                          Francois Oosthuizen had us falling about laughing
                                                                            with his humerous style of presentation.

Patrick Dowling motivating all.                            Alan and Janine Penfold (left) came from Somerset West
                                                                       to participate and they hope to take this concept to the
                                                                       Lourens River and estuary.

Alice thanked all for their participation, enthusiasm in this wonderful model education programme, she had conceived, co-ordinated and put into practise with a little help from her friends. A number of sponsors were listed and thanked, which all contributed to make this a great event.

Patrick Dowling (WESSA) spoke about the Blue Flag beaches and what they entail and also encouraged all to try and make a difference wherever they might be, contributing as eco activists - to look after our wonderful heritage for the future generations.

The buses took all the school children back to their drop off points at about 15h00.

A great day was had by all.


For more information contact;

Alice (Ally) Ashwell

021 788 2431
082 720 7444


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