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Source To Sea - exploring our Catchment with GIS

Group B  28 April 2009

All the photographs supplied by Alice Ashwell.

This is an overview of the trail by Group B.

Upper section 

Lower Section


Name High School / Org.
Jody Hartzenberg  (Teacher) Crestway
Desiree Fischer   (Teacher) Muizenberg
Jaimee van der Westhuizen Bergvliet
Nuhaa Amardien Bergvliet
Nicholas Wood Bergvliet
Geo Vioolenti Crestway
Julian Gouws Crestway
Samantha September Crestway
Shelley-Ann Rhode Crestway
Gabiebah April Muizenberg
Gerard Seymour Muizenberg
Rizia Harris Muizenberg
Shannon-Lee Newman Muizenberg
Allistair Jacobs Zwaanswyk
Anreich Esterhuysen Zwaanswyk
T C Nortje Zwaanswyk
Tony Penfold Lourens River Conservation Soc.
Janine Penfold Drakenstein Municipality



We started from Moorland Road in Tokai, with permission to enter Dreysersdal Farm and began the walk along the Keysers River. Patrick Dowling and Andrea Gordon from WESSA, Alan Penfold from Lourens River Conservation Society and Janine Penfold from the Drakenstein Municipality accompanied us as guides.

Samantha September posing in front of the bull.      Again further along the Dreyersdal wetlands

The Dreyersdal Farmstead, owned by the Louw family.   We had to cross the river and a team excerise 
                                                                                 was called for to make a bridge with found
                                                                                 objects, and so the engineers got to work.

Nuhaa Amardien decided she was not getting her shoes wet. She wrapped her feet in plastic bags and walked through the water.

Meanwhile Patrick found a rope and all were able   Next the mini SASS test had to be done. Here Andrea
to cross the make shift planks holding onto the     and Patrick are helping set up the test site.
sky rope.

Patrick pointing out a dragonfly larva.           Andrea had a set of arial photographs, so that the Keysers
                                                                and Spaanschemat Rivers could be traced and the confluence

We discovered the old pumphouse, on the farm       Mrs Louw from Dreyersdal Farm came and told us the
 which grafetti artists have attacked.                       history of the farm.

Dumping and littering was evident. Patrick with         This is the Main Road bridge over the Keysers. In- 
an old trolley.                                                         vassive plants such as Kikuyu grass, Morning Glory
                                                                            creepers and Black Wattle sapplings are growing
                                                                            right next the Main Road.

At this point Patrick encouraged the group to become eco–activists by taking petition forms to the business operating in the Tokai - on - Main shopping area. George Davis filmed this sequence of the students handing over petition forms to the managers of the franchises, hilighting their business dumping and littering in the area. This by their staff and customers. Much of this litter goes into the Keysers River which flows into Zandvlei and then into the sea at Muizenberg.

If photos become available I shall post them here.

Junk and litter abound.                                          A squatters shelter in the reeds, alongside the
                                                                           Keysers River in the industrial area.

More dumping.                                                       This infilled area has been used fro dumping, we
                                                                            made notes.

This is part of the bank which has had indigenous     Careless individuals have dumped their rubbish
plants planted by the Keysers Restoration Project.   behind this industrial building.

A property owner has illegally barricaded the             A view from the Military Road bridge looking north.
pedestrian pathway from Military Road through          Hyacinth has been cleared but this raft remains to
to Bark Street.                                                       grow and expand in the warmer season.

We learned much today, and we were fetched and taken to the Muizenberg pavillion for lunch and the report back.

For more information contact;

Ally Ashwell     021 788 2431
                       082 720 7444


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