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Gardening with Birds 

Here is a list of some shrubs and trees you could plant to attract birds to your garden.
The Good Hope Nursary at Cape Point  phone ( 021) 780 9299, email can give you advice and supply you with any indigenous plants. They are landscapers as well. Why not take a drive out and visit the Nursary or give them a call.



Bird polinated

Bird seed dispersed

Height in meters

Growing conditions

Aloe arborescens yes 23 Sunny, dry, coastal areas
Aloe cilliaris yes 0,5 Sunny, dry, coastal areas
Aloe mitriformis yes 12 Sunny, dry, coastal areas
Aloe plicatilis yes 35 Sunny, dry, coastal areas
Gasteria acinacifolia yes 0,30,5 Sunny, dry, coastal areas
Cotyledon orbiculata yes 0,81,0 Sunny, dry, coastal areas
Portulacaria afra yes 23 Sunny, dry, coastal areas
Chrysanthemoides incana yes 1,52,5 Sunny, dry, coastal areas
Crasssula perfoliata minor 0,20,4 Sunny, dry, coastal areas
Drosanthemum hispidum 0,40,6 Sunny, dry, coastal areas
Drosanthemum speciosum 0,40,6 Sunny, dry, coastal areas
Lampraanthus multiradiatus 0,3 Sunny, dry, coastal areas
Delosperma litorale 0,1 Sunny, dry, coastal areas
Melianthus major 1,21,8 Sunny, near water
Carrisa macrocarpa 24 Sunny, coastal areas
Tarconanthus camphoratus 35 Sunny, coastal areas
Metalasia muricata 1,53 Sunny, coastal areas
Sutherlandia frutescens 0,5 Sunny, dry, coastal areas
Passerina ericoides 1,41,8 Sunny, coastal areas
Salvia africana-lutea yes 12 Sunny, coastal areas
Rhus glauca yes 13 Sunny, coastal areas
Nylandtia spinosa yes 0,51,5 Sunny, coastal areas
Sideroxylon inerme yes 36 Sunny, moist, coastal areas
Minusops obovata yes 38 Sunny, moist, warm areas
Syzygium cordatum yes 35 Sunny, moist, coastal areas
Podalyria calyptrata 1,82 Sunny, moist, coastal areas
Phoenix reclinata 36 Sunny, moist areas
Hypoestes aristata 1,0 Sunny - semi shade, moist areas
Phylica pubescens 1,0 Sunny, acid soil
Berzelia Lanuginosa 1,62,0 Sunny, acid soil, moist areas
Eurpos annae 0,8 Sunny, dry areas
Strelitzia regina yes 1,01,5 Sunny, coastal areas
Harpephyllum Caffrum yes 0,512 Sunny, moist, wind resistant
halleria elliptica yes yes 12 Sunny, moist, wind resistant
Tecomaria capensis yes 23 Sunny, wind resistant
Plumbago auriculata 1,82,5 Sunny, wind resistant
Erythrina caffra yes 58 Sunny, wind resistant,deciduous
Ficus burtt-davyii yes 5 Sunny, coastal areas
Schotia brachypetala yes 35 Sunny, wind resistant
Virgilia divaricata 46 Sunny, wind protection needed
Bauhinia galpinia 35 Sunny, wind protection needed
Dombeya rotundifloia 2,54,0 Sunny, sheltered
Sparmannia africana 2,54,5 Sunny, requires plenty water
Ruspolia hypocrateriformis 2,02,5 Sunny, wind protection needed
Ruttya ovata 2,02,5 Sunny, wind protection needed
Calodendron capense 4,56,0 Sunny, sheltered, rich soil
Alberta magna yes 510 Sunny, sheltered, rich soil
Gardenia thunbergia 25

Sunny,acidic soil, some wind



6 Shade, wind protection needed
Mackaya bella 1,02,5 Semi shade
Pavetta cooperii yes 1,02,5 Sheltered, rich soil
Nuxia floribunda 310 Sunny, requires plenty water
Grewia occidentalis yes 46 Sunny, requires plenty water
Clematis brachiata 6 Sunny, deciduous climber
Turraea obtusiflora 1,5 Moist, sheltered

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