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Some suggested books for your reading or library.

  • Buy a book for yourself, a friend, a family member or your local school library.
  • The CAFDA bookshop in the Werdmuller Centre, Main Road, Claremont is a good source of second hand books. You will be supporting a worthy charity in the process.
  • Join and support your nearest Public Library.
Join and support your nearest Public Library.


Adrift on the Open Veld edited and introduced by T.S.Emslie, captures
definitively what Smuts called "the wonderful romance of South Africa."

Deneys Reitz was a remarkable man in South African history.

ISBN 0  620 24380 5

Living with our Wild Neighbours - Belinda Ashton

An A6 pocket guide, in full colour, with tips on living with our wild neighbours.

ISBN 978 0 620 55959 1

Contact Belinda for a copy and also see

The Alien clearing handbook for the Western Cape - Jeremy Croudace

A new publication with very easy to follow instructions and clour identification photos of the plants and trees, specifically for the Western Cape.
Available from WESSA.

ISBN 0 - 620 - 23924 - 7

Rivers and Wetlands of Cape Town - Cate Brown and Rembu Magoba

Contributions by many Cape Town people who care for our rich aquatic heritage, the geography, history, culture, social, and the natural environment of water use in the Metropole.
Funded by the Water Research Commission.

Report No. TT 376/08. Feb 2009.   Bar code 9781770057777.

The Firedogs of Climate Change - Sally Andrew

Climate change effects all of us. Hopefully this will inspire you to get involved now.

Also see Sally Andrew's blog: 

ISBN 978 - 1 - 84409 - 162 - 1

A field guide to theTracks &Signs of Southern Africa - Chris and Tilde Stuart

If you want to learn more about those prints in the sand, this is a good reference book.

ISBN 1 - 86872 - 558 - 8

Field guide to the snakes and other reptiles of Southern Africa - Bill Branch

About more than snakes, also tortoise, turtles, terrapins, chameleons, lizards, geckos, skinks and even crocodiles.

ISBN 0 - 86977-  641- X

Spiders of Southern Africa - Astri & John Leroy

A beautifully photographed book with loads of info on spiders and their description and behaviour.

ISBN 1 - 86872 - 944 - 3

Field guide to Mammals of Southern Africa - Chris and Tilde Stuart

A comprehensive book with distribution maps, descriptions, behaviour and plenty more.

 ISBN 978 - 1 -  77007 - 404 - 0

Chameleons of Southern Africa - Krystal Tolley and Marius Burger

A wonderful book by these local scientists which will have you searching for Chameleons.

ISBN 978 - 1- 770 07 - 375 - 3

Stories for Fire Dogs - Sally Andrew

Short stories and essays about firedogs (guardians and watchdogs of the earth) dealing with the global warming issue, by a Zandvlei Trust member and local resident.

Orders by mail from and 

ISBN 9 780 620 386 31 9

Wild Flowers of the Table Mountain National Park

Text: Terry Trinder Smith   Illustrations: Mary Maytham Kidd and Fay Anderson

This is the revised updated field guide, Cape Peninsula Wild Flowers - Maytham Kidd.
Published by BotSoc 2006.

ISBN 1 - 874999 - 60 - 0

Ecological Intelligence - rediscovering ourselves in nature - Ian McCallum

This book explores our relationship with the natural world around us, by a Zandvlei Trust member and local resident.

ISBN 0 - 620 - 33650 - 1

The First People of the Cape - Alan Mountain.

Read this book to gain an understanding of the complex history of the Cape, largely untold by the text books.

ISBN 0 - 86486 - 623 - 2

Atlas and Red Data Book of the Frogs of South Africa, Lestho and Swaziland

edited by - L.R. Minter, M. Burger, J.A.Harrison, H.H.Braack, P.J.Bischop and 

This is a frog reference book with scientifically collated data and published by the Smithsonian Institute and the Avian Demography Unit, Cape Town.

ISBN 1- 893912 -15 - 9

Table Mountain - A Natural History - Anton Pauw and Steven Johnson

This is a mine of information with spectacular photography.

ISBN 1- 874950 - 43 -1

Frogs and frogging in Southern Africa - Vincent Carruthers

An excellent guide book on frogs with plenty of photographs and background information.

ISBN 1 - 86872 - 607 - X.

Restios of the Fynbos - Els Dorrat Haaksma and H.Peter Linder

This is a definitive field guide produced by Zandvlei Trust member and local resident.

ISBN 1 - 874999 - 21 - X

Field Guide to Insects of South Africa - Mike Picker, Charles Griffiths and Alan Weaving

This is a comprehensive book with a myriad of answers to questions about all the small creatures.

ISBN 1 - 86872 - 713 - 0

Natural diversity of the Cape Peninsula - Stephan Wolfart

The view on the cover is in the Zandvlei Nature Reserve. That is Muizenberg Mountain in the background.

ISBN 1- 86872- 591- X

Roberts Bird Guide -  Hugh Chittenden

There are a number of bird guides available, this is one.

ISBN  978 - 0 - 620 - 38313 - 4


Vanishing Waters - Bryan Davies and Jenny Day

This book explains how rivers, wetlands, estuaries and aquatic ecosystems work in Southern Africa.

ISBN  1 - 919 - 71311 - 5


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