Zandvlei Trust

Task Team - BOSSIES 

A working relationship with Zandvlei Trust on City of Cape Town land.

    We urge all communities to adopt this concept and introduce it in your area.

Phase 2 - of the project comprises clearing alien and exotic vegetation, the propagation and the planting of indigenous plants in appropriate and strategic areas in the Zandvlei vicinity so as to ensure that there is connectivity to sustain ecological functioning and integrity between the Table Mountain National Park (above Boyes Drive in Muizenberg) down and across Main Road and through the old bowling green down to the western edge of Zandvlei, as well as beyond and around Bokmakierie Park and Sunrise Circle at the end of Prince George Drive. These corridors of locally indigenous vegetation are essential to provide sufficient shelter and habitat for the animals and smaller creatures to move along these belts.


Planting the centre island of Prince George Drive.

June 2012.                                                                                new 12/07/2012.

photograph by Neil Major.

This is the Old Boyes Drive node being planted near the intersection of Main Road, Muizenberg.

photograph by Neil Major.

Looking up Old Boyes Drive and north along Main Road. Neil found a section of
the old road, when digging to plant one of the nodes.

photograph by Neil Major.

Looking south down Prince George Drive towards the Sunrise Circle.

photograph by Neil Major.

Digging out some of the selected plants from the Caltex site for the island nodes.

photograph by Neil Major.

Planting the translocated plants in the Prince George Drive island node. Grysbok Park is in the background.


May 2012.

This work period we focused on planting and installing rope barriers around the planted nodes. We had to wait for the winter rains to start so that the soil is moist enough at the root level. This should allow the plants to establish a good root system for the summer months ahead.

photograph by Neil Major

A node marked out with a variety of selected and mixed plants in large bags place for planting.
The view is looking north north east along the south bound lane.

photograph by Neil Major

Drilling the holes in the bollards for the ropes. This took very much longer than expected, the wood was damp which was difficult to cut.

photograph by Neil Major

Setting a bollard in concrete.

photograph by Neil Major

The rest of the bollards being planted.

Another node further south and opposite the flats. The signboard describes the project
for general public information.

Completed this one. Well done.


Contact  Neil Major   on  076 473 7095  or   021 706 0153  and

  • He can sell you local indigenous plants at very reasonable prices, and 

  • also landscape your pavement or garden to help create biodiversity corridors with

  • Strandveld and Sand Plain Fynbos plants promoting the biodiversity of all local species.

The Cape Flats Fynbos Nursery sales is at;

  •  Rondevlei Nature Reserve - No 1 Fishermans Walk, cor Perth Road, Grassy Park.


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