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Extracted from the Summer 2004 Environmental Leaflet - Environmental Management Newsletter for the City of Cape Town.

Mayor Nommaindia Mfeketo signs the IMEP Leadership Pledge on 29th October 2003,
committing the City to a sustainable future. Mayoral Committee Member Cllr Themba Sikhutshwa
and City Manager Wallace Mgoqi look on.

The City of Cape Town implements IMEP.

  • Cape Town is the first local authority in Africa to implement an Integrated Metropolitan Environmental Policy (IMEP). 

  • A landmark for environmental management in the developing world, its first three strategies to be implemented are those dealing with the Coastal Zone, Biodiversity and Environmental Education and Training.

  • 160 Councillors signed the Leadership Pledge committing them to achieving the vision of the Policy.

  • Cape Town is the only city on the continent with the rare combination of a mountain, seashore and two biosphere reserves in and around its municipal boundaries.

  • Cape Town is regarded as the capital of the Cape Floristic Kingdom - the tiniest, richest and most threatened of the six floral kingdoms in the world.

  • These strategies aimed at integrating the goals of development, poverty alleviation and conservation, employ an approach to environmental education, training and management that should deliver conserved habitats and recreational spaces while empowering citizens and sustaining environmental resources that facilitate employment opportunities.

  • The effectiveness of the strategies depends on the commitment and involvement of a wide range of partners, therefore communities and other sectors of society are invited to participate in the implementation of these strategies.


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