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CARA (The Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act)

These 2 very important publications are available listing the declared weeds and invader plants.
  • The first a Z fold, quick reference brochure outlines the Category 1 3 plants and gives your local Regional telephone contacts.
  • Second, A5 booklet introduces the Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act 1983. It explains the Categories 1 3. It explains the Regulations 1 16 of the Act. It gives useful information on contacts with phone numbers in the regions of RSA.
    It tables all the problem plants. It supplies email addresses useful web site addresses for more and related information.

Declared Weeds and Invader Plants


CARA Legislation made easy

See web sites 

and Working for Water  

Provincial Land Use and Soil Management,
P.O.Box 545,
Durbanville 7551.
ph (021) 976 8136
fax (021) 976 1889

Everyone is encouraged to become involved in waterwise gardening also planting indigenous species where possible.


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