Zandvlei Trust

Robert Coert cleaning the Sand River Canal litter trap

Here is a man! 

He lives in Coniston Park. His name is Robert Coert with him is his daughter Kershwin. On the
13 th October 2001 he decided to do something about the litter and muck in the Sand River Canal.
He is showing by example and explaining to Kershwin how important it is not to pollute the river.
He emphasised the point that 'we must stop pointing a finger saying the Council or the Government must do this or that'. Robert went on to say that we all have to look after Nature and the natural areas, especially for the children. He wishes to urge the Coniston Park residents to adopt the wonderful development taking place in the picture behind him.  ie. The Langevlei Wetland Project.

The variety of refuse has to be seen to be believed.

Well done Robert!  The Zandvlei Trust and all its members applaud you.

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