Zandvlei Trust

Cleaning up Zandvlei 
This is what a small shoreline in the Estuary Nature Reserve looked like after the rains in August 2001.This shoreline is about 30 meters West from the mouth of the Sand River where it enters Zandvlei.

 A choked canal, preventing water movement.      This is looking West of the small canal.

This is an inlet and outlet of a canal in the Reserve.     This is looking East of the small canal.
Fortunately there is a mesh grill under the bridge
to prevent the rubbish entering the canal.

Gavin Oliver a Zandvlei Estuary Reserve staff member removing plastic debris and litter from the banks of Zandvlei. He removed 12 large black bags of soft plastic packaging, plus many larger items washed ashore.
He could be much more effectively employed if he did not have to clean up the litter washed down the Sand River.
The Sand River is the greatest polluter of Zandvlei. The reason is the residential area that the canal flows through has residents who have to be educated and enlightened not to dump their litter in the canal. Part of the Educational Task teams job, is to teach the school children about the consquence of littering.

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