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There are no easy home compost options, until now that is. The COMPOST-A-LOT is a simple, easy to use home composting device that makes compost in a fraction of the time and with minimal effort compared to traditional methods. Find out how to turn your garden and household organic waste into black gold for your garden.

The basics of compost making

There are three elements that limit the speedy creation of compost through decomposition of organic material by microbial life:
1. Moisture
2. Nutrients
3. Oxygen

Moisture is easy to balance by regulating the amount of water that goes onto a compost heap. If a heap is too dry then water is added and if to wet a cover can be put over the heap to keep rain off. With the correct moisture content, not too wet or too dry, decomposition by aerobic microbes will be maintained.

Just like a human body, the microbes active in a compost heap need a balanced diet comprising the correct carbon to nitrogen ratio. It is fairly easy to balance the nutrient composition of a compost heap by balancing the ratio of green (nitrogen rich - lawn clippings, kitchen scraps) and brown (carbon rich - straw, dried leaves, wood chips) material added. With the correct carbon to nitrogen ratio decomposition will be rapid.

Given the above two conditions are met, the microbes that consume organic matter converting it to compost require oxygen and lots of it. That sour smell that emanates from many compost heaps is indicative of a heap that has gone anaerobic - all the oxygen has been consumed. The organisms that control the heap are anaerobic bacteria and they are responsible for that foul smell. They will also take much longer to make compost out of the organic matter.

With traditional compost heaps the only way to introduce oxygen to the heap and speedup the composting process is to turn the heap with a garden fork. Anyone who has done this knows that it is a backbreaking task. Even with regular turning, an average compost heap will at best produce compost in 6 months, generally in only a year. This is where the COMPOST-A-LOT comes to the aid of home composters.

How does the COMPOST-A-LOT work? The COMPOST-A-LOT is basically a barrel on a pivot. Instead of building a compost heap in the corner of one's garden, one "builds" your heap in the barrel. As the heap is now on a pivot it is now possible to turn your compost heap on a daily basis simply by rotating the barrel.

What is the advantage of having a COMPOST-A-LOT?

By aerating your compost heap on a daily basis one ensures that oxygen never limits the decomposition process. The net result is that you can create compost in as little as 4 weeks! There are several other advantages to using the COMPOST-A-LOT:

  • no more back breaking turning of the compost heap
  • no more sour smelling heaps
  • as the barrel is sealed there are no more problems with rats, dogs or baboons getting into your heap. You can now safely compost meat, dairy and light oil kitchen scraps
Ordering a COMPOST-A-LOT for your household

The COMPOST-A-LOT comprises two 200 litre barrels and mounted on a galvanised metal stand. 

Orders can be placed with Craig by phoning 083 395 1621

Additional information about the Compost–a–lot. 


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