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Conserving energy ideas.
(This is an extract article from Cape Argus - 27 Sept 2007 by Carole Knight).

What can you do....

  • Form a car pool, ride sharing with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.

  • Commit to buying and using vehicles with a small engine 1200 or 1400 cc for city or town driving.
    Preferably use a motorcycle, scooter to reduce traffic congestion and increase space on the roads. This will also reduce carbon emissions.

  • Lobby city authorities to increase secure parking for 2 wheel pedal vehicles to encourage this mode of carbon and traffic friendly transport. 

  • If it is feasible use a bicycle instead of your car for some local trips, or walk to your destination.

  • When you leave a room switch the light off. Leave only security lights on all night if they are required.

  • Install security doors and burglar bars so that doors and windows can safely be kept open in summer for a through draft.

  • In winter put on jerseys and snuggle under blankets or quilts instead of using electric blankets. Use an efficient gas heater preferably.

  • In winter use a water bottle socks and warm sleepwear instead of an electric blanket.

  • Use draft excluders at the base of exterior doors and windows to keep out drafts. Seal any other air leaks in your house.

  • Insulate your ceilings.

  • Use the washing machine at low settings and economy settings.

  • Use a dishwasher packed full and on the economy wash cycle.

  • Use compact flurescent lights (CFL) instead of incandescent bulbs. Consider changing to LED (light emmiting diode) lighting for your house.

  • Switch your geyser off during the day when no one is at home. Put a time switch on your geyser to switch off a night when you are asleep.

  • Supplement your hot water geyser with solar panels to preheat the water.

  • The geyser costs you about 40% of your electricity bill.

  • Make sure your cooking pots are flat on the bottom and make full contact with the hotplate. Make sure the hot oplates are also not worn and uneven. They are easy to replace.

  • Recycle glass bottles and paper in 'recycling igloos'. Recycle cardboard and tins at your nearest recycling depot.

  • Recycle you e waste - old computers and periphery attachments at your nearest municipal branch.

  • Make a compost heap for all vegetable and organic materials from the kitchen. Compost is 'black gold'.

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