Zandvlei Trust

Another "bird is hatching" in Tokai, Cape Town.

 Promoting the airplane homebuilding industry in South Africa.

A Cozy Mk 4, plans No. 1470 being built by Bill Reeves.

Contact Gavin Lawson  if you are a homebuilder and require aircraft parts made or refurbished.



March 2016.        updated 15/03/2016.

photograph by Pieter Saayman.

The air brake panel is being worked on.

photograph by Pieter Saayman.

Cutting and shaping so that the panel fits snuggly and closes tight. Next the hinge fitment.


Feb 2016

photograph by Pieter Saayman.

The front nose section has been glassed inside and the pedals are ready to be mounted.


Bill took a subatical from building.


photograph by Pieter Saayman.

What on earth is this?

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Things are moving along nicely.

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Playing with layouts, the front seat supports are in.

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Bill demonsrating where the flap fits in on the left wing.

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Demonstrating where the canard goes on the plane.

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Bill sitting behind the fuselarge.

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