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"Building the bird"called a Cozy ZU CZZ, Serial No 219.

Promoting homebuilding in South Africa.

Contact Gavin Lawson  if you are a homebuilder and require parts made.

The Cozy Mk4 owner Chris van Hoof decided to build this composite (fibreglass) airplane from plans he bought in 1994. It has a 4 cylinder  200hp Lycoming engine. It is a "pusher" (engine at the back) with a canard wing in the front. The front wheel is retractable. The canopy opens sideways. It seats 4 adults. Nat Puffer designed this plane in the 1970's and it still looks futuristic.

Burt Rutan's the designer of the Longeze  (2 seater in tandum) and others, became the first airplane to fly into space and back. Mike Melville (South African living in the USA) piloted the plane on 21 June 2004, to 100km above the earth.

Read more (below) about the building of this plane in Johannesburg.


The engine had been giving lowish oil pressures since its maiden flight, so Chris decided to take out the engine and do an inspection. As the engine was out it was an opportunity to check everything. We stripped it right down and it all looked good for the 35 hours of flight. A new oil pump is being fitted, and the usual honing of the cylinders, new rings and bearings will be installed and re-assembled. A couple of new instruments will be installed at this convenient time as well.

Back of the crankcase                                    Main bearings with conrod

The Cozy without engine at the airport.


Feature article in December 2008 edition.      Gauge readings and 24.5 degrees outside!!

Homebuilt to 27,000 feet!!


Feature article in April 2008 edtion.       Chris also flies his 1947 Aeronca Chief taildragger when he can.

Read more about 2008                      Read about the new paint colour.   new 18/05/2010


photograph by Bruce Perkins

Photograph from Sun 'n Fun in Rustenburg June 2007 featured in SA Flyer November 2007.

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photograph by Athol Franz

Chris flying ZU CZZ over the southern areas of Johannesburg, the new propellor installed.


Feature articles in the March and April 2006 editons of African Pilot magazines.

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photograph by Chris van Hoof

Cozy ZU CZZ parked at the end of the runway after its maiden flight.
Note the late winter afternoon smog and the dry highveld grass.

09/09/2005 The Cozy "fledged" on its maiden flight today. Chris van Hoof the (owner builder) and Dave King the test pilot, flew a test circuit of 15 minutes at Baragwanath airport (Johannesburg). It handled well in good flying conditions.
This is the first 4 seater Cozy built and flown on the African continent, a proud achievement and occasion for a number of people. There is still a lot of testing to do, and then the finishing and detailing.
Well done to everyone concerned.

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photograph by Chris van Hoof

The painting was done in Pietersburg (Polokwane) which is 350 kms north of Johannesburg.

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photograph by Chris van Hoof

Pieter de Necker with the Cozy propeller he has made.

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photograph by Chris van Hoof

Graham Pick has nearly completed the fuselarge.

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