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Another "bird is hatching" in Lakeside, Cape Town.

Promoting the airplane homebuilding industry in South Africa.

Contact Gavin Lawson  if you are a homebuilder and require aircraft parts made or refurbished.

A Cozy Mark 3  being built by Ernie de Goveia.


October  2013
Ernie has decided to sell his MK 3 to Rego Burger. 
On the 27th October Rego came down to Cape Town, and the local Cozy builders and others rallied around to help load the trailler. So the building story will continue in Port Elizabeth.

The Mk3 with its nose in the sun for the first time in many years. Ernie is watching procedings. The white braided belting is going around the back legs so it can be pulled up onto the trailer with the winch.

Guiding the front wheel in the channel.

Up she comes.

photograph by Pieter Saayman.

Now for the wings and canard and elevators.

Ernie, Johanna, Rego, Bill and Pieter, it was a very hot day well over 30 degrees with no wind.

Ernies wifes car will see the inside of a garage for the first time in its life.

January  2009
Small parts being plated. Seal formers being made. Cockpit covers being painted.

Cowling being modified

June 2008
The instruments are mostly in. The oil cooler duct and mounting hardware are being made currently. Also the heat shielding baffles are coming along.

Pieces of the baffles being made.

Instrument panel coming along.

Cockpit and inside of the canopy painted, next the instrument panels and wiring.

March 2008
Ernie has just painted the inside cockpit and turtle deck a grey-beige / multi-speckled finish. He has painted the instrument panel and started the wiring. Cowling fasteners to be done, then oil cooler ducting and brackets. Engine baffles, firewall components for the engine to follow.

The top cowling made                                              The underside cowling made

November 2006
The top half of the cowling is completed. The wings are being 'microed' together with small items for latches and controls made. Ernies approach to the bottom half of the cowling moulding is that it has to be made upside down on the bench.

The top cowling moulding being made.                Looking down the length of the right side towards the rear.

August 2006
Ernie has been building his plane slowly and quietly in his garage for the last 10 years. His model is a 3 seater version Cozy, hence Mk3. It has a Lycoming 160 hp engine at the rear end.
These aircraft are entirely hand built from plans, with composite foams and fibreglass.


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