Zandvlei Trust

Another "bird is hatching" in Port Elizabeth.

Promoting the airplane homebuilding industry in South Africa.

Contact Gavin Lawson  if you are a homebuilder and require aircraft parts made or refurbished.


A new project.

Rego bought Ernie de Goveia's Mk3 Cozy and shall continue to finish it. It is a 3 seater,
2 in the front and one at the back. The strakes (those parts sticking out from the body)
are shorter in overall width than a Mk4 body.

On the 27th October 2013 loaded and ready to leave Lakeside, Cape Town for Port Elizabeth.


This "bird has hatched" in Port Elizabeth.

All photographs by Rego Burger. Read about building his Cozy - Fish Eagle.

In the air again.

Test flying.

Confined to the ground for now.

Ground testing.

Read about rebuilding.

Rego and his son sitting in the garage, dreaming about flying one day.

Read about the initial build.

Rego taxiing along the strip for the first time.

Read about the start up.


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