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Jungle Theatre Company  -  Kiss Waste Goodbye  –   18 June 2009.

The Octopus                                The Turtle                                          The Shark - only its head.



You are cordially invited to join Jungle Theatre Company and Grade 4 learners from Levana Primary,  Muizenberg Junior and Zerilda Park Primary schools for a showcase of:

'Kiss Waste Goodbye'

which took place at 18h00 on 18 June 2009, Muizenberg Pavilion, Beach Road, Muizenberg.

Introduced by: Councillor Demetri Qually.

The three schools created 3 large carnival puppets from waste with Jungle Theatre Company and facilitators from Kommetjie Environmental Awareness Group (KEAG) –  Ilithalomsa Project for a family Pick Up Litter Parade in December 2008 on Muizenberg Beach.

Each school had to make up a play around their sea creature – with recycle, dont waste, re–use as the theme. The final output would be a combined play by the 3 schools at the Muizenberg Pavillion.

Come and see those puppets in action as the learners explore the concepts of reduce, reuse and recycle, through song, dance and puppetry.

See the parade and how they were made  on: 


The Show

Starting the procedings.

Demtri Qually introduced the evening by asking the children to set an example to their parents, peers and neighbours not to litter any areas of Cape Town.

He also asked them to make sure they learnt the 3 R's  - Reading, 'Riting and 'Rithmatic at school. He also
suggested we all start thinking about reducing what we consume, and the packaging disposal from what we buy and where that all ends up.


Muizenberg Junior were first up.

Introducing the play.                                The girls were delighted to hear they were going shopping.....

Off they went in the car with dad and mom             They all bought what they wanted from the Mall.
in the car, this is them going around a corner
and falling over, even though they had their
seat belts on.

They went home and discarded the                       The shark (without his body - it was too big for the
packaging which washed into the sea.                   the stage) had eaten a lot of the packaging. 

The shark was sick and threw up the plastic          Three cheers for the Sharks!
and asked the people not to let their junk
into the sea, as it was killing all the creatures
which lived there.


Next up was Levana Primary.

The little turtles were on....                                       .....the the real turtle came swimming along.

Slowly, slowly she came swimming along.                The turtle also said that the human's junk was
                                                                            killing all in the sea.           

The turtle threw up a plastic soccer ball....               ....which turned into a game of soccer with a laduma.

The message was very clear.                           Reduce, reuse, recycle all your waste. 


.....and finally Zerilda Park Primary.

The octopus's sang and danced......        the drumming. They told the story.....

These two were the kitchen dustbin, and accepted the waste, while the soup was being made on the stove.

The octopus and the narrator told us how we should be responsible and not throw our waste just anywhere. We also need to think about what we buy and how we use it. Reduce, reuse, recycle, and again reduce, reuse, recycle.

Thank you and good bye.......                          Then the participants all got up in their groups and circled
                                                                     the hall. First the Octopus team from Zerilda.

Then the Turtle group from Levana.                         Followed by the Sharks from Muizenberg.

All to the drumming and clapping from the audience.     Around they came..... and back to their seats.

The turtle gliding along slowly.                            That was fun with a clear message for everyone.

Vincent Meyburgh thanking all involved.           The Zandvlei Trust "gang" were there enjoying themselves.


Then there was a short play by the Jungle Theatre Company.

The lady of the house...                                ..... had everyone laughing and falling about

The children thought "he / she" was very funny, and "sang along to his tune.....of reduce, reuse, recycle".

Two JTC members enthrawlled by the precedings.  Members of the audience were selected and asked to
                                                                          come up and participate on stage. They were given
                                                                          samples of waste and asked to demonstrate how the
                                                                          items could be re-used.

Everyone had fun, we were entertained and we learnt an important lesson.

The audience were all singing and drumming along too.


See the Jungle Theatre Company  Newsletter - June 2009.


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