Zandvlei Trust

Zerilda Primary School at Zandvlei - October 2010.

Maggie Sauls is back at school, and needs Neville to continue escorting the children to Zandvlei, as she is not mobile enough to come to the EE lessons yet. Neville Williams is from Capricorn Park library and Zandvlei Trust sponsors has services. Without him the children would not get to the Nature Reserve.

photograph by Sharon McCallum                                                                          photograph by Sharon McCallum

Neville Wiliams in front with Oliver (German volunteer                   Mark with some of the children with their
student) and Mark with Zerilda children.                                       clipboards off to record some details.

photograph by Sharon McCallum

More of the boys showing off for the camera.

photograph by Sharon McCallum                                                               photograph by Sharon McCallum

In the taxi off to St James beach.                                      A quick photo before we go and get changed.

photograph by Sharon McCallum                                                          photograph by Sharon McCallum

More group photos.                                                        In our costumes and ready to get in the water.

photograph by Sharon McCallum

All these shells were found in a rock pool.


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