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Capricorn Library Holiday Hiking Club - 20 December 2011.

Sharon reports "Last hike for the year, today, 20th December. Ian dropped us off at the start and took this photo below of us fresh and ready to go.
We left early this morning to go up Pecks Valley above Muizenberg and return down the same way, so that we could come down the stairs to the beach and not have to worry about using Boyes Drive for transporting us back home. The children had a marvellous swim and free hotdogs at the beach - a wonderful end to a great day and the year".

photograph by Ian McCallum.

At the start 3 adults to supervise and 9 children, excited and ready to go up the mountain.
Sharon on the right.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

In places it is steep going, some find it easy others not so.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

Check that bird sitting there in the cave entrance.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

We all thought it was an owl.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

Food always tastes better up on the mountain after using up some energy.

Wow look at the view from up here. That is the back of Table Mountain and Devils Peak in the background. Down on the right is Zandvlei. Constantia valley and part of the Cape Flats behind us.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

Sherwin on top of the mountain at the beacon, his mother is Jane Sylvester the Librarian.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

We made it!!

"We were all at the beach after the hike, when there was an announcement by a beach promotion right behind where we were sitting, for children to come forward to take part in a hot dog eating competition.
What I learnt afterwards, was that each child was given three hotdogs and a drink and they had to dance and eat and drink - first finished won.
Of course, they were as keen as anything to take part and did. And one of our kids won - Amy, the tall girl in the picture. She won a shopping bag, a loaf of bread, some rolls and a T-shirt. Each child participant got a red plastic drinking bottle and a lunch box".

Sharon McCallum.


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