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Nature Circles and Green Gym 4 Teens.
Nature-based activities for children, youth and families in the Greater Zandvlei area
By Alice Ashwell.

What is Nature Circles and Green Gym 4 Teens about?   updated 01/08/2010

photographs by Alice Ashwell 

The Fish Hoek High girls at Zandvlei - July 2010.

Green Gym 4 Teens - Zandvlei Nature Reserve.   new 01/08/2010

Junior Nature Circles, Marina da Gama - July 2010.

Senior Nature Circles, Marina da Gama - July 2010.

Vrygrond / Capricorn Library holiday programme - July 2010.

In addition to the four outings presented for children from the Vrygrond library group, there were three outings for pre-schoolers and three for primary schoolers on Park Island.

The Vrygrond Library group had four outings to the Nature Reserve, with a total of 43 visits from children (most children attended more than once), and seven visits by adults from Vrygrond library (three different individuals).

It was very clear that both children and adults found Zandvlei a most therapeutic environment, appreciating the experience of beauty, peace and freedom, and loving the opportunity to discover local animals and plants. I don't think we can underestimate the ability of nearby nature to transform people's lives and dreams.

Thanks to the Zandvlei Trust, in particular Sharon McCallum for spreading the joy!

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photographs by Alice Ashwell                                           photographs by Alice Ashwell

Children from the Vrygrond Library holiday       Amber Gets with her carer Nontsi Kafundo decorating hearts
programme visited Zandvlei Nature Reserve.   with nature's treasure on Park Island.


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