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Steenberg Primary School poem about Saving Princessvlei.

12/06/2013 - Glenda Samuels's class wrote poems for part of a Youth Workshop by by the
Friends of Princessvlei for local residents living near Princessvlei.
These were some of the peoms received.


photograph by Glenda Samuels.

The poem Prinsesvlei is in Afrikaans written by the class.


I can still remember all the memories I had,
It was not so bad,
Please donít destroy Princess vlei you will make everyone sad.
Princess vlei makes people happy,
Some people might change their babyís nappies.
If you destroy it our memories will be erased,
Because its where some people were rased.
Princess vlei is where people can communicate with each other,
Itís also a place where make peace with one another.
By Princess vlei we feel free,
We sit in the shade under trees.
We watch the fish swim in the vlei,
While the cats flee.


My Gedig

Red die vlei van pick n pay
Hou jy vanj my
Dan is ek en al die mense bly
Want die visse is vrei
Wie is sy
Die prinses van ons vlei
Die visse le in kusse
Gister was ek baie lus vir n vis
Plante groei baie mooi rooi,geel en wit
Ek hou daarvan as die visse hul slette skud
Ons is nog altyd life vir jou
Want jou water is blou


Fishing at Princessvlei.

To the Governing Body

I donít think that you must build a shopping centre at PrincessVlei because people love to go there to celebrate, maybe their birthday and have picnics there. It would also spoil all our fun, like we like going there to take our dogs for a walk at night. If you would take it aside and build a shopping mall then their would be lots of pollution, all packets would be thrown in the vlei and that would not be appropriate for us and the animals.

If the water is running to the sea then all that packets would make our animals die in the sea because they would think itís food for them to eat, when they eating a packet. Also if they would build a centre, the sand would be to soft.
Yours faithfully,


There is this vlei
Named PrincessVlei
The birds tweeting
While we having meetings

People feeling that
PrincessVlei is leaving
Thats why I suggest
To make this a success.

Annique Benjamin, Steenberg Primary School, grade 7a.

To who may concern

I have a problem about what you are doing to the environment. I just want to say what things you are hurting during this project. First of all you will be hurting all the living things around the environment and destroying our nature. In Apartheid we couldnít go to any other vlei except Princess Vlei. Princess Vlei should be like a heritage site, and be remembered by all people for its beauty. Princess Vlei reminds us the only happiness during Apartheid. So why would you damage it. Imagine Princess Vlei was the best place you could ever find happiness and it could be damaged. So that is how we feel about it. So make our world a better place just by starting to do a small thing to save the environment. A government is supposed to look after the citizens of Cape Town. So how are you helping them by damaging the environment around them? 

If I was the government I would of see to the people in Cape Townís dislikes and likes that includes needs to.


One day I am was walking down Princess Vlei.
I see the beauty of living things,
The birds chirping and the dogs barking.
You can smell the fresh air,
And the wind blowing through your hair.
You can see all the beautiful,
Living things,
But how could you see the beauty
If you want to destroy it.



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