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Vrygrond Library boys hike - July 2011.

On the 15th July Peter Kruger kindly agreed to accompany me taking 12 young boys from Vrygrond Community Library on a hike above Kalk Bay. My request to him was for assistance with transport with a hint that he could join the hike - thank goodness he agreed.
Few things give me as much pleasure as taking young people from a township, like Vrygrond, on a mountain hike. Their excitement at being away from their natural environment is tangible. The most important factor for most of them is being away from where they live. I am hoping that by encouraging them to hike in the nearby mountains this will broaden their outlook and horizons.

photograph by Peter Kruger

On our way up the mountain we stopped for a group photograph.

photograph by Peter Kruger

Peter keeping the group informed about what is to be found on the mountain.

photograph by Peter Kruger

One can see how still the air was,  by the smoke rising from a controlled burn behind
Simons Town in the distance.

photograph by Peter Kruger

There is still plenty of energy in these boys even on our way back down.

Peter was brilliant. He is knowledgeable and interesting about all aspects of the mountain and was able to engage the boys with interesting facts about the fynbos - which they proceeded to pick and swing on.

By taking them on these outings we hope to teach them how to appreciate and enjoy the natural beauty of the mountain.

Sharon McCallum.


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