Zandvlei Trust

Sponsored Camps.

ZVT / CTEET Environmental Education Project funded by the National Lottery
and working with the City Of Cape Town.

30/11/2014 - Some feedback.

A letter has been sent out to 22 schools. Ten schools have been nominated by the Eco Schools Facilitator and ten schools have been nominated by Mark Arendse, People and Conservation Officer from Zandvlei Nature Reserve.

The following schools have been invited:
Levana Primary, Prince George Primary, Floreat Primary, Kirstenhof Primary, Zerulda Primary, Christian Davids Primary, Montagues Gift Primary, Delta Primary, St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary, Sid G Rule Primary, Perivale Primary, Hillwood Primary, Westlake Primary, Square Hill Primary,· Lotus Secondary School, Harmony Primary, Steenberg Primary, Steenberg High, Capricorn Primary, Sullivan Primary and Stephen Road Primary.

15/07/2014 - Some of the children from Village Heights Community Centre ready and waiting with all their things for the camp. This is the highlight of the whole winter school holidays and something they all worked towards and dreamt about for a long time.
The anticipation and excitment was almost too much to endure, while waiting for the taxis to fetch them.

photograph supplied by Bernadine Thomas.

We have got all our things and we are ready too go.
"When are they coming to fetch us? This is too much, we cant wait we are so excited. We are going camping!"

Day 1.   updated 19/08/2014.

Day 2.   updated 24/08/2014.

And on the third day they all returned before midday having had an forgetable and wonderful
time together in the False Bay Ecology Park.


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