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ZVT / CTEET Environmental Education Project funded by the National Lottery
and working with the City Of Cape Town.


24/03/2016 - These children from Capricorn also had the opportunity to see the play River of Life.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

Seated in front of the stage and waiting for the start.

23/03/2016 - These Village Heights Community Centre children went to the Masque Theatre, Muizenberg during the school holidays.
They also got to see the play called the River of Life by the Jungle Theatre Company.

photograph by Jody Thomas.

Outside the Masque Theatre. They had never been to a theatre before.

See the photos at the play by the Jungle Theatre Company.      new 05/03/2016.

22/03/2016 - These Children from the Capricorn Library were the first to see the play.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

The children with Jane Syvester the librarian at the Capricorn Library.

21/06/2015 - Harmony Primary School at the Princessvlei Eco Centre for Western Leopard Toad EE lessons with Fay Howa (Princessvlei Parks) and Mark Arendse (from ZNR) - bus sponsored by ZVT
with Lotto funds.

photograph by Sharon Mc Callum.

The students from Harmony Primary School at the Princessvlei Eco Centre.

02/04/2015 - 100 green clipboards handed over from Zandvlei Trust to Mark Arendse - the Nature Reserve Environmental Officer on 02/04/2015. These are for his Environmental Education lessons with learners from local schools - with the help of a generous donation from Lotto.

photograph by Sharon Mc Callum.

Sharon McCallum handing over the clipboards to Mark Arendse at the Zandvlei Nature Reserve Office.

28/03/2015 - About 45 Village Heights community members and some parents from the
Gift of Hope
creche at the Village Heights Community Centre had sponsored transport by
the Lotto funding to go to the Birdathon 2015 held at the False Bay Nature Reserve.

The second taxi from Village Heights to arrive at the Birdathon 2015.

See what they did and what else took place at the Birdathon 2015.  updated 07/04/2015.

01/03/2015 - Some photos from of the Steenberg High School pupils visiting the Zandvlei Nature Reserve and doing the wetlands course with the Manager of Environmental  Education - Mark Arendse.

photographs by Julien.

The class stopped off next to the Central Pan in the shade, it was very hot the last few days.

photographs by Julien.

The children have worksheets which they have to work through and generate answers from what they learn.

photographs by Julien.

Here they are at the lookout platform at the confluence of the Sand River and Zandvlei.

photographs by Julien.

Mark and his assistants about to demonstrate a wetland

30/11/2014 - Some feedback.

The final period of the last term of school was used in setting up a programme for Wetlands Week 2015 and inviting schools in the area to attend. This programme commences in mid-February 2015.
The following schools will be participating in the programme and the Zandvlei Trust will sponsor through the Lotteries grant the safe transport by bus and taxi of the learners from the schools mentioned to the site of learning and back to schools as well as other resources.

Date School Grade No. of pupils.
17 Feb 2015 Steenberg High School 8 Grade 50
18 Feb 2015 Steenberg High School 8 Grade 50
24 Feb 2015 Steenberg High School 8 Grade 50
25 Feb 2015 Steenberg High School 8 Grade 50
26 Feb 2015 Steenberg High School 8 Grade 50
4 Mar 2015 Bay Primary School 6 Grade  54
10 Mar 2015 St. James R.C. Primary School 7 Grade  60
11 Mar 2015  Prince George Primary School 7 Grade  60
12 Mar 2015 Prince George Primary School 7 Grade  50
19 Mar 2015 Lorrie Primary School 6 Grade  60
26 Mar 2015 Muizenberg Primary  6 Grade 70


08/10/2014 - The Zandvlei Eco Festival started today at the False Bay Renedezvous with
4 days of activities and fun. This was part of the Muizenberg Festival, which was part of the 
Cape Town World Design Capital 2014.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

Children from Vrygrond Library and Village Heights Community Centre were transported to
Zandvlei for the opening afternoon actiivties. This was made possible by funding with Lotto money.

See more... 

13/08/2014 - The WLT programme continues in August. Zerilda Primary School went to Zandvlei Nature Reserve on 07 and 08 August.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

"This is a lekker place!"

See more photos of the Zerilda Primary School visit to Zandvlei.

01/08/2014 - Sharon McCallum reports - The WLT programme continues in August with the following schools;

Monday and Tuesday (4th & 5th August) Hillwood Primary

Wednesday (6th August) Capricorn Primary

Thursday & Friday (7th & 8th August) Zerilda Park Primary

Monday & Tuesday (11th & 12th August) Levana Primary.

31/07/2014 - Sharon McCallum reports - Today the Western Leopard Toad (WLT) programme in conjunction with the Cape Leopard Trust went to visit Steenberg Primary School Grade 5's. 
A Provincial Government approved bus company is used to transport the children funded by the Lotto.

A presentation was given by Jaclyn Stephenson from the Cape Leopard Trust and Mark Arendse and Fay Howa from the City of Cape Town with the Western Leopard Toad Programme.
Mark is the Manager of the Environmental Education Centre at Zandvlei Nature Reserve and Fay manages Parks and Open Spaces in the Southern Suburbs.

The presentation was at school in the hall, about both iconic species in the Western Cape. Then the children were taken to Die Oog in Bergvleit to see if they could see any Western Leopard Toads. The breeding season starts about now and the WLT's move to all the suitable waterbodies to breed for a few days in the year and then disperse back into their territorial areas to forage for the rest of the year.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

Jaclyn from the Cape Leopard Trust giving her presentation about the threatened Cape Leopards.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

Mark, Sharon Mc Callum, Jaclyn, Fay and Mark Isaacs.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

Mark, Fay and Jaclyn waiting for the children to get on the bus at Steenberg Primary School.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

Arriving at Die Oog.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

Mark getting everybody into a semi circle so he can give them some information about
Die Oog and what happens here.
It is a natural underground water eye (Die Oog) which was part of a farm registered in the 1700's.
The original farm is now the suburb of Bergvliet and parts of Constantia.
The Friends of Die Oog has a local friends group who take care of this important
Conservation site in Bergvliet.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

The pupils listening to Mark. Constantiaberg is in the background.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

Reflecting in the water.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

The information board about the WLT at Die Oog.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

The Brown Sage or Bruin Salie flowering, it is a local indigenous plant specie.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

Gathered under the tree, in the background is a garden of local indigenous plants which
flower at different times of the year.


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