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10 Environmental Facts
The below information illustrates some important aspects of the state of the environment. While we could no doubt argue about the accuracy of some of the details, or argue about what is or isn't our responsibility, the inescapable conclusion seems to be that the global and local environmental situation is threatening our wellbeing in many ways. What is more, the situation is deteriorating fast.
After reading this, remember to learn how to modify your lifestyle by reading the '10 things you can do' information.

FACT 1 (biodiversity loss)

FACT 2 (global warming and carbon dioxide emissions)

FACT 3 (deforestation)

FACT 4 (pollutants and toxic chemicals)

FACT 5 (waste accumulation and pollution)

FACT 6 (over exploitation of our oceans)

FACT 7 (fresh water)

FACT 8 (poverty and hunger)

FACT 9 (land degradation)

FACT 10 (the hole in the ozone layer)

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