zandvlei estuary nature reserve

History Zandvlei Nature Reserve

These are some photos to remind us of what the 'Wildwood Bird Sanctuary' looked like about 20 years ago.

zvnr-entrance gate - old before1982.jpg (67814 bytes)

In 1982 this was the entrance to Wildwood Bird Sanctuary, the gate is on the left of the picture. See the picture below with the new gate.

zvnr-entrance gate - track down to 1983.jpg (57716 bytes)

This is 1983 when the new fence was erected. The view is towards Muizenberg. Note the absence of houses below Boyes Drive. The rusty posts are where the old chain gate spanned the road.

zvnr-Henley Road north boundary 1983.jpg (66870 bytes)

This is Henley Road looking east, on the northern border of the Sanctuary.

zvnr-enterance gate 1983.jpg (78233 bytes)

This is the new fence and gate into the Sauctuary in 1983. Note the height of the exotic trees. The gate is nearly 3 meters high. The Port Jackson and Rooikrans trees are an average height of 5 meters.

zvnr-looking east from foundation 1983.jpg (54142 bytes)

This is a view east towards the Helderberg, The forrest of trees has been removed in the middle of the picture about 1983. The concrete foundation in the foreground still remains today. Note the length of the shadows cast in the winter afternoon sun, indicating the height of the trees.

zvnr-cleaned canal from main vlei 1982-3.jpg (53270 bytes)

This is a view down one of the canals behind the 'Central Pan'. Note the absence of fresh water reeds in the water.

zvnr-foot bridge2 1983.jpg (69622 bytes)

This foot bridge lasted into the mid 1980's, before being replaced.

zvnr-foot bridge overgrown 1984.jpg (73570 bytes)

This view is north west, the foot bridge surrounded by reeds picture taken 1985. The foot of Constantiaberg is in the background. Note the dense trees and bush.

zvnr-new salt marsh hide 1999.jpg (82625 bytes)

This is the Salt Marsh hide built by Clifford during 1999.

zvnr-Clifford removed old compost dumps 1998.jpg (65958 bytes)

In 1999 Clifford had 32 tonnes of gravel and compost beds removed from this area. Susequently the seed stock beneath the gravel sprouted and flourished. Some plants were rescued from Capricorn and relocated to this area which has similar conditions. 

zvnr-Cliffords first job at zandvlei 1998.jpg (82390 bytes)

This was one of Cliffords first jobs at Zandvlei Nature Reserve in 1998. The removal and burning of alien/ exotic plants. He then replanted Strandveld vegetation extensively.


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