Zandvlei Trust

11th International Kite Festival at Zandvlei 17/18 Sept 2005, hosted by the Cape Mental Health Society.

About 20 000 people attended the 2 day festival at Muizenberg. Our tent at the Kite Festival is part of our Spring Festival programme. Our displays are to help raise awareness of what we do, and educate and inform people in the diverse and large subject of the natural environment at Zandvlei.

Just some of the magnificent Malaysian kites on display in their guest tent.

The detail is exquisite.

Our tent with Michael Hoarau (Zandvlei Nature Reserve Conservation student), Pat Burnett and Ed Cutten. (Ed in the red, is one of the organisors of the Spring Festival 2005). The Marine and Coastal Management display boards behind them.

Vicky Wilman (Working for Wetlands) watering her beautifully constructed display with locally propergated wetland plants.

The ZIMP Botany group display and the Westlake Wetlands Walkway Garden poster and information. 

These kites were spectacular when they danced around in the air.

The Friends of Park Island display, also a Task Group of Zandvlei Trust lead by Cherry Giljam.

Some earnest discussion about Leopard Toads at Evanne Rothwells stand. This group of volunteer residents along the Silvermine River at Fish Hoek, have done a lot to conserve and monitor developments for the Leopard Toad habitats. They are affiliated to the Friends of Slivermine.

Evanne has put together a lovely Leopard Toad painting kit for school children. These kits are for sale.
It consists of a plaster of paris toad, a paint brush and 3 shades of paint with the instruction on how to paint the toad like the Leopard Toad.

The instructions are clear and easy to use. Give her a call, Evanne on  (021) 782 6144.

The Zandvlei Nature Reserve display.

These comic kites kept many entertained.

Chris Taylor from the Muizenberg Historical Conservation Society had information available about the Battle of Muizenberg in 1795. Also information on Rhodes Cottage in the Muizenberg historical mile.

Spinning wheels.

Una Hartley (back to us), obscured is Evanne Rothwell, Ludine Lee Wright, Lucia Rodrigues (the organisor of the Zandvlei Trust Spring Festival) and Steve Davis with visitors to the tent.

Ludine and Lucia.

These local trapeze artists entertained large crowds with their skills.

This entertainer had everyone "eating out of his hands". He juggled balls with a running chainsaw, was put in a straightjacket and chains with his hair loose. When he came out of the straight jacket his hair was tied in a topknot. He cracked large whips and did much more by manipulating the crowd.

This guy had an unfair advantage looking over the heads.

A visitor with Fay le Roux and Vincent Marincowitz.

These kites were brought from Germany by their owners.

Sandile Mawela from Marine and Coastal Management supplied their display boards on marine pollution. Highlighting the hazards that some of the Marine animals have to endure because of mans carelessness.

During the week local police divers rescued an entangled young Southern Wright Whale with a number of crayfish nets and ropes tangled around its tail. Another they had to euthanase, as it was washed ashore and could not be rescued on the shallow beach.


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