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 A.G.M and talk by Professor Peter Ryan - 22 June 2016.

The invite.

Members and visitors signing in at the door. A glass of sherry to warm those up who needed it
was available.
Joyce and Laurie were busy at the tables welcoming all.
More than 65 people attended the evening event, which on a very cold evening was very encouraging.

There was a lovely fire burning to keep the cold chill out, it made the room nice and cosy.

There was plenty eat and drink too. Peter and Lucia were keeping everyone happy in the kitchen area.

Before the procedings started there was catching up too do. Acquaintances to renew with those
long absent and returned. For those who are new as well.

Sharon McCallum making a few announcements before presenting her
Chairman's Report and the Treasurer's Report in the absence of
Gerrard Wigram who is away.

Minutes were taken by Muriel Darke in Joan Wigram's absence.

Thank you to the Exco for all the work you have done this past year to keep ZVT going,
and especially Sharon for her sterling work in the past 3 years as Chairman.

The new Exco Committee Members were announced. Sharon is stepping down as Chairman
and Peter Kruger stepping into the Chairman's shoes. The formalities will be announced after
the first monthly Exco meeting has taken place in July. There are some new faces to be welcomed
to the Exco with a challenge from David Muller accepted by Sarah Chippendale.

Formalities out of the way Sharon introduced Professoer Peter Ryan, Director of the FitzPatrick
Institute at UCT.

Then onto Peter Ryan's presentation.

As a bonus he showed us as a precursror to the main talk a little on the research being done
on the RSA southern islands and the Antartic base.

He discussed the Pentad he lives in and does his local birding to aid the SABAP2 data collection,
which is a Citizen Science project based at the Animal Demographic Unit, also at UCT.
The MyBirdPatch is also available for the citzen scientists to contribute data. You and me are
citizen scientists.
He showed us some excellent photos of the birds he has known and seen disappear from the 
area in the last 40 years or so.

He also showed us the impact of the servere fire which occurred on the Peninsula recently and the
data being collected by voluteers to see what impact the devasted vegetation has had on the bird life
up on the mountain range.

The entralled audience listening to replies to the number of questions which were asked.

Sharon thanked Peter and gave him the "traditional good wishes
from the ZVT members".

Then hamper to be won by lucky draw from the box.

Thank you to the Blue Bottle Store in Muizenberg who sponsored the hamper. 

The lucky number announced by Sharon and Laurie with the box. "No. 28!"

Congratulations to Marilyn Hoole the hamper winner.

We wish the new Exco well with the work ahead for this year.


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