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 18th Cape Town International Kite Festival - 03/04 November 2012.

Cape Mental Health are the convenors of the annual Kite Festival at the Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve, in Muizenberg.  'All about ability' was the theme for this Festival.

Zandvlei Trust encourages all to make a kite, then bring and fly it at Zandvlei on any day of the year.

This is a homemade kite, made from reused plastic bags.
It advocates the principal ;

  • Re-duce,

  • Re-use,

  • Re-cycle,

  • Re-think.

The annual Cape Town International Kite Festival attracts talented kite-makers and kite fliers from around the world. Festival-goers will see giant cartoon characters and other amazing kite creations take to the skies, as well as exciting stunt kiting and Rokakkau kite battles. Local kite-makers are invited to enter the Heritage Kite Award and school children can participate in the Edu-Kite Schools Competition.

These 4 are beautiful Cape Town Heritage kites were from 2011. The designs have been adapted, and made for local flying conditions.

Symbolic patterns and shapes and materials are incorporated to give a unique Cape Town style.

Some of the kites seen on Sunday 4th November 2012.

All the creatures ganging up on the frogman.

The octopus going walkabout.

A sizable carp from Malasia.

Detail of the arch kites.

The red bee getting ready for take off.

Managing not to tie its tail in knots.

He had a large reel of line to send his kite up very high.

Hein Lourens brought a box full of traditionally made kites to encourage others
to appreciate this craft and the art of flying kites. Seen here adjusting the flight lines.

This is his beautiful swaeltjie which stayed up in the air most of the day.

He had regular visits and discussions about the old days and the way we used to make kites.

He was delighted with his purchase of a real kite.

Up and away......

Fathers and sons and ...........                  Fathers and daughters were having fun.

These kites were part of this years Cape Heritage Kite competion.

The frame is made from split reed and covered with tissue paper.

A box kite was included as well.

The traditional glue is flour and water to stick the paper covering on.

There were lots of people having fun.

There were times when the wind was not blowing hard enough to have the large kites up.

Rescued another downed kite.

The red frog was inspecting the crowds at the picnic site on the western shore.

The squirrel or chipmunk was new.

Watching the Heritage Kite competion.


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