Zandvlei trust

 19th Cape Town International Kite Festival - 02/03 November 2013.

Cape Mental Health are the convenors of the annual Kite Festival at the Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve, in Muizenberg.

                  Some of the kites seen on Saturday 2nd November 2013.

The scary fish.

The purple frog.

The green frog and the green car.

The Zandvlei Trust tent from the water side.

The tent from the front.

photograph by Liz Linsell.

Everybody aglow inside.

photograph by Liz Linsell.

The elephant whisperers.

This family brought their kites along.

They came in their battery powered boat and got stuck on the sand bar.

A grandmother flying a kite with her grand daughter.

There were happy kites.

This boy was in another world. He was delighted with the feel of his kite.

Some of the kites are very much larger than one imagines, when seeing them in the sky.

Brothers flying their kite.

New chameleon kites this year.

The kites crash diving as the canoeist passes by.

The three doves.

Looks like Mr Shark and the man in the canoe belong to the same team.


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