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 20th Cape Town International Kite Festival - 01/02 November 2014.

Cape Mental Health are the convenors of the annual Kite Festival at the Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve,
in Muizenberg. Lift your spirits ‘Beyond the Blue’ was the theme at Africa’s biggest kite festival this year.

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09/11/2014 - Lucia reports; Here is the photo of Julie with her winning ticket.  Jana Smit stays
quite far away so a convenient time is being arranged for the ticket handover.    updated 10/11/2014. 

photograph by Lucia Rodrigues.

Julie Dunkerley with her winning ticket.


07/11/2014 - Lucia reports; We did the draw yesterday and the 2 lucky winners of the Table Mountain
Cable Car tickets were;

  • Jana Smit and

  • Julie Dunkerley.

photograph by Lucia Rodrigues.

Joyce Brandt making sure Peter Kruger keeps his eyes closed while doing the draw.

photograph by Lucia Rodrigues.

The 2 drawn numbers from the bucket.

photograph by Lucia Rodrigues.

The 1st winner ...

photograph by Lucia Rodrigues.

.... and 2nd winner.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for your support.

Some photos at the Kite Festival.

The Zandvlei Trust tent this year could not be missed.

Pegasus came to inspect Zandvlei this year.

There was was lots to see.

A little girl rescuing her Dads kite from the reeds. A home made kite too!

It flew very well, when the wind was blowing.

There was a new monster kite for the little children, who all seemed to recognise what it was.

A very colourful new kite.

There is a child in us all.

This family claimed an exclusive beach to themselves, at low tide in the middle of the estuary.

This little dog was having fun digging a large hole in a hard pathway which may have had a 
mole tunnel, which set him off.

A father and daughter going to fly their kite.

A simple but very colourful kite.

The launch of the flying wheel box kite.

The nose did not want to fill up with air and needed a little help.

Is that a penguin? Is it a bat? Could it be an owl?  And a baby crocodile.

A very unusual double wheel box kite. It was very stable in the air.

Is he going to bite the wheel?

..... another very colourful dragon has appeared.


One of its sticks broke and that was that for the day.

Back of Table Mountain, with Devils Peak to the right.

Mother and son having fun.

Here come a load of kites for the Heritage Kite competition. A double swallow kite!

...... and more, probably 10 or 12 kites in total, all strung together for easy carrying.

The dragon is being the wind has changed direction.

A mother and daughters having fun with a monkey kite.

The frog is being blown around and is trying to keep a low profile.

...meantime this kite is eating grass.

This colourful spinning wheel is quite large.

The crocodile getting some air in his lungs.

Plenty of people arriving at Zandvlei in anticipation of a stimulating and fun day.

The dragon coming in for landing... has rolled over on its back.

"Maybe to get its tummy tickled, or something like that?" someone said.

.... and off it goes again one wing in the air.

Meantime the crocodile is showing some of its teeth.

She was having a lot of fun.

Did the dragon catch the frog or not?

....and the spectacular Pegasus.


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