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 21st Cape Town International Kite Festival - 31 Oct 2015.

It was forecast to rain on Sunday 01 November, which it did for most of the morning, with odd 
showers in the afternoon. So I decided to take photos on Saturday 31st October instead.
It was a grey afternoon with a strongish SW to South wind blowing and occasionally gusting.

This caterpillar drew lots of oohs and aahs.

The busy bees flying around the gold fish.

Neville Williams was maning the ZVT table shared in the Zandvlei Nature Reserve tent.

Those were some impressive box kites. He had another kite high up in the sky, probably
the highest of them all....

....this one.

An interesting shaped kite with a net tail being let out of its bag.

Winnie the Pooh was lying on his back contemplating the clouds in the big sky.

...and this family of ladybirds were waiting patiently for a chance to fly up in the sky.

Hello Kitty also came to visit all the way from Japan.

A kite with a message. Will it or wont it?

The busy bees have found another kite to dance around.

A colourful sled kite.

"OK lets see where this goes".

The owl keeping a watch out over everyone.

To give perspective of how large some of the kites are. They often look small up in the air.

The spinning wheel.

She was running around with the kite following her.

I am going to see if I can fly this kite.

"It got stuck Daddy".

This baby was fascinated by the bright colours of the kite.

The caterpillar is almost as long as the tent.

"Gee, look at all those strings."

"Time to go home". These boys were very interested to see what the kite looked like up close.

"Wow this thing is big".

...and here it is in human scale.

A herd of zebra kites with pied tails.

The blue devil looks like he is pulling strings.

Winnie the Pooh checking everybody out.

A family of kites.

The local Community Newspaper banners were flying.

It is the 31st October. Maybe she is a little early and was side tracked on her way?

...and another character sauntering past with his Jack Parow cap.

.... and what was she eagerly photographing?

"Here is seeing you babe".

A local swaeltjie (swallow) kite has arrived.

... and another dancing in the air.

The playful blue shark....

.....dancing around the red elephant.

Coming in to land.

This kite does not need too much wind to fly.

This little boy was delighted to hold the string of the kite.

This little girl and her mother were having fun too.

She was also having fun.

The butterfly with its colourful streamers.

"Where has the wind gone too?" asks the purple collapsing dragon.

....and suddenly this gaint spinning tube has caught a gust of wind and lifted off the ground.

The colourful octopus coming in to land.

"Come on children it is time to go home".

"I am nearly on my knees asking for a little breeze to keep us up in the air for a little longer."

"Do we really have to go home now?" "Yes, the wind is dropping and the sun is getting low too".

The blue and grey caterpillar....

....and even he has to go home." Awhh shucks!"

"Who is that hiding behind the kite?"


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