Zandvlei trust

 13th International Kite festival  20 - 21 October 2007

Cape Mental Health the convenors of the festival, changed the dates to October this year to try for better wind conditions. Saturday was perfect and Sunday was OK. 

We shared our tent with the Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve. Their display was the attention grabber everyone wanted to see the bokkie and the terrapin and the snake and the duck.

Our tent.                                                                    Fay Howa showing the children the young terrapin.

Sharon McCallum showing more children the terrapin.

Colourful flags from the USA kite flyers.                                    Saturday was World Cup Rugby final day.
                                                                                     Well done Bokke, you beauties! World Champions!

The Sea Scout kite                         Dave Crombie and Mike Duffy making and selling kites for the Sea Scouts.

More interest in the terrapin                                         This boy thought the Grysbok was the best

These girls also loved the bokkie.                                She had to kiss the bokkie goodbye before she
                                                                                 would leave with her parents.

The whole family enjoyed the event and atmosphere.              A colourful display stall, selling kites.

Sandra Fowkes with her historical cards           Neil Major and Bowen Boshier

Fay showing the slugeater snake to visitors              Cassy Sheasby speaking to a visitor

These students from the SA Circus School
showed off their skill and talent to a large audience
on Saturday afternoon.

Thank you to the organisors Cape Mental Health and all the infrustructure personnel who helped to make this event a success.

Thank you also to the Zandvlei Nature Reserve staff for their participation this year.

And to the Zandvlei Trust members who volunteered their time, effort, enthusiasim and support to make it all happen, Thank You.


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