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 15th International Cape Town Kite festival  10 - 11 October 2009.

Cape Mental Health the convenors had thousands of people attending the festival. The wind howled from the south east on Saturday and Sunday was almost becalmed, with dark overhead clouds threatening rain for most of the day.
Everyone had fun.

Update 29/10/2009
Congratulations to the winner of the raffle for the garden bench, Colin Fourie of Bournemouth Rd, Muizenberg. 

photo by David Muller

Tweety Bird checking to see if the male            There were wonderfully coloured kites of all shapes and designs.
sea horse really carries its young in a pouch.

                                                                         photo by David Muller

Even a pair of flying knickers being shown off.      This star was checking out the scene.

photo by David Muller

The Zandvlei Trust tent sponsored by Nomadik Tents.     Cape Flats Fynbos Nursery supplied the local
                                                                                     indigenous plants.
We are trying to encourage everyone
                                                                                     to plant local, along the lines of our BOSSIES project.

photo by David Muller

Mark Ogilvie from CTEET demonstrating live exhibates to     When the wind came up this beautiful kite could fly.
an enthusiastic audience.

photo by David Muller                                                                                       photo by David Muller

Ryana Johnson, a local artist has started to paint a Zandvlei scene on this disused building. These people came to watch while she was busy. It is hoped that the painting will be honoured by the grafitti artist code not to tag an artists work. Ryana has done a number of very beautiful scene scapes on other buildings.

                                                                       photo by David Muller

At last this kite could get into the sky.                Another red data specie?

                                                                                 photo by David Muller

Romeo Paulse explaining about Leopard Toads.           These visitors having a rest out of the wind on the bench.


Sharon McCallum with a visitor filling in the raffle            Cassy Sheasby and Julie Dunkerley helping in the tent.


Romeo enthralling this young lady. See the                    These children had fun playing snakes and ladders.
chameleon in the restio plant near her arm.


This exotic bird also arrived in the tent.                  Vincent Mybergh with his daughter on the raffle bench.

photo by David Muller

Man you have some hectic reefs here in Muizenberg!                     Unusual to see a Basutu hat in the Cape.

                                                                        photo by David Muller

Robin and David Muller taking a break.                Mark explaining about terrapins.

The motorised parafoil pilot landing on the grass.                            A kite with strking colours.


A flying jumbo.                                               A pair of white doves, peace doves maybe?


Tweety Bird looks rather anxious with the       This young lady was having fun trying to fly her kite with no
bat above?                                                  wind to assist.



Blue and more blue.                                            The sea horse with the doves below.

A real colourful flying ship.                                                              The hedgehog hanging about.

A colourful  kite stall.                                                            A large box kite not seen very often these days.

The wind is picking up.                                             The flying birds.

He was fascinated by the spinning wheels                They were sheltering in their tent.
and trying to photograph it.

Here comes the bat kite again.                                      She looks rather glum with no wind to help.

  • Thank you to the organisors Cape Mental Health and all the infrustructure personnel who helped to make this event a success.

  • Thank you also to the Greater Zandvlei Nature Reserve, and ZEEP staff for their participation. 

Thank you to Nomadik Tents for sponsoring the tent.        Also Neil Major for the local indigenous plants,
see and phone 021 705 2424,      call cell 076 4737095 based at Rondevlei Nature Reserve.
also toll free 086 062 6243.

  • Robin Solomon (agent) for Timber Plastics,  083 284 5132, for exhibiting his Plastic Timber and supplyting at cost his Royal recycled plastic bench so that we could raffle it.

  • .........and to the Zandvlei Trust members who volunteered their time, effort, enthusiasim to make it all happen. 

          Thank You.


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