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 16th International Cape Town Kite Festival - 24 October 2010.

Cape Mental Health are the convenors of the annual Kite Festival at Zandvlei, Muizenberg.

This is a series of photos from on Sunday 24th October. The weather had many moods and threatened to rain a few times. The cloud formations and colours were spectacular.
On Saturday the weather was less threatening and the festival was packed with people. A great success.

The Malaysian carp kite being readied to fly.                This large sled kite was one of the first up.

The scale of the kites is impressive.                          This catipillar was needing a little more wind to fly.

A very nice box kite.                                                  The carp up and flying.

Some of the creatures which live in the nearby water were there.      A traditional home made kite flyer finding
                                                                                                  a space amoungst the lines.

The Zandvlei Trust tent.

Cleo and Margit interacting with this family all the                The birds were on duty.
way from Sutherland.  

No this is not one of the Tokai troup at the   The bokkies were there too.
festival, he is officially from Rondevlei.

The enthraulled audience seeing the snake handled by Margit.

More captivated people listening to the importance of looking after     Dalton Gibbs and Kia visiting the tent.
the creatures which are struggling to survive in the few remaining
wilderness areas in Cape Town.

Facinated......                                                                       This father showing his son the weavers nest.

These children were engrossed by the snake, the Western Leopard Toad and a fresh water terrapin.

These girls were listening to Oliver answer their questions about the animals. (He is a volunteer student from Germany, working at the Nature Reserve for 6 months).

Oliver showing these apprehensive visitors the snake. 

Mark explaing that the plants need some compost to help them to get started.  The Cape Flats Fynboss Nursery had a large selection of plants for sale at a very reasonable price.

Muriel selling raffle tickets for the bench.                               Sharon convinced him to take raffle ticket.

This is the bench made from recycled plastic and        Julie signing another one on the list.
was a prize for a donation to Zandvlei Trust.
Guess what the Chairman of Zandvlei Trust won
the bench at the ticket draw.

photograph by Lucia Rodrigues                                                         photograph by Lucia Rodrigues

Mark demonstrating, explaining and answering questions about snakes to the visitors.

These girls were having fun doing exersizes with the tension of the kites keeping them in check.

Backward bends.                                               Running races.

                                        More colourful nautical creatures from Malaysia.

The Heritage Kite makers arriving with their kites. These are traditional Cape kites are local derivatives brought to Cape Town from the Dutch East India islands about 250 years ago, when slaves were brought to Cape Town.

Above are the very well made, flying examples of the Heritage Kites, all based on the swallow and called swaeltjies.

This was the winner of the 3rd prize.          The larger grey and white kite won the 2nd prize .
He is a fisherman and uses kites to
take his line out. All his kites are made
from recycled materials. (See below).

And the winner with his kite. He took home a certificate and R500 sponsored by a local Kite Company.

Bobby showed how easy it is to fly a kite with                 This was Bobby with his kites at the Zandvlei Trust
and rod. He had 1000 meters of line on the reel.              tent in 2003. Also made with recycled materials.
                                                                                   Zandvlei Trust commends this innovative practise.

Bobby's kite in 2010,  made from plastic bags.        Everyone was having fun.

All shapes and sizes.                                                         Getting his box kite ready.

This was an atempt to break their previous record of kites on a string. They succesfully launched 90 kites.

The kites are very delicate and have to be carefully released.      This is the last dramatic face in the cue.

The frog and the carp dancing in unison.                           A winged box kite.                          

He was blissfully unaware of what was hovering over his head.

A whale flying over the Constantia Valley.                                   The back of Table Mountain and Devils Peak.

This dragon kite has beautiful movement.                                      The scouts rescued a number of kites from
                                                                                                  the water.

Another way to come and see the action from close up.           also another way...... on battery powered bicycle.

Winnie the Pooh was there too.                    airplane.

Zebras......                                                                         This brother and sister were having fun.

A large box kite with a Brazilian and South African flag.   Orange Giraffes......

Tigers.......                                                       ...... and blue frogs.


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